#YoSoniaSoPoor: Sonia Gandhi Declares Assets Worth Rs 9 Cr Only

Sonia Gandhi has claimed that she has assets worth over Rs.9.28 crore only and does not have a vehicle in her name too.

Not long ago, Congress president Sonia Gandhi was richer than Queen Elizabeth of Britain and Sultan of Oman as claimed by Huffington Post. It is another matter altogether that her name was removed from the post within 24 hours. But what is more surprising is her claim that she has assets worth over Rs.9.28 crore only and does not have a vehicle in her name too.

While filing her nomination in Raebareli, her constituency in Uttar Pradesh, on Wednesday the Congress high command declared in the affidavit submitted along that she has movable assets worth Rs. 2.81 crore and immovable assets worth Rs. 6.47 crore only.

She was driven to the nomination office by her son Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi who, according to the affidavit, has taken a loan worth Rs. 9 lakh from her. In her income tax returns for 2012-13 she had shown her income of over Rs. 14.21 lakh only.

Among the movable assets, she has Rs. 85,000 in cash, Rs. 66 lakh in banks, RS. 10 lakh worth bonds and shares worth Rs. 1.90 lakh. She has mutual funds worth Rs. 82.20 lakh, PPF amounting to Rs. 42.49 lakh, National Saving Scheme of Rs. 2.86 lakh and ornaments worth over Rs. 62 lakh.

Among the immovable assets, she has declared an ancestral property in Italy worth Rs. 19.90 lakh besides land valued at Rs. 4.86 crore in Deramandi village, another land worth Rs. 1.40 crore in Sultanpur village.

Last time while filing her nomination papers from here in 2009, Sonia Gandhi had declared her assets over Rs.1.37 crore. With respect to her 2009 declaration, her assets show a six-fold increase. Reportedly, Congress has clarified the stand on this and has said it was only because last time the declaration of value of assets was based on the book value while this time it was based on market value.

Meanwhile, the people were not able to digest the worth of the high command. While some showed their surprise, many made jokes out of it.

Here is a look at some tweets that were posted by some people in shock:











While Rahul Gandhi is yet to file his nominations from Amethi, it will interesting to note how much worth he has.

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