Here Are The 6 Myths About Men’s Health You Need to Bust Right Now

Men usually hate visiting the doctor. In essence, they don’t have a regular sense of health care. It is a sad fact that men are too lazy about healthcare and the scenario persists. A man will rather search for instant remedies over the internet than seeing a doctor. They will only contemplate visiting a doctor when the worse reaches its peak. According to the study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, twice as many men as women have no regular source of health care in the wake of far too many ‘alternating facts’ swirling around in the internet. They are rather mired by some nefarious myths that SHOULD be busted and here are they:

Squats are bad for them:

Squats is a compound exercise and there is a proper technique that the man has to learn. Doing it with a barbell or weight, squats are not least bit harmful for a man as it is understood to be. They say, doing a lot of squats can weaken your knees and the lower back whereas it actually strengthens those parts. It releases a lot of testosterone and burns your fat. They gotta be kiddin’ us!

You can go bald by wearing a hat:

Fedoras are sexy and Hrithik Roshan wears them a lot! now think whether or not you will want to go by the myth. It is believed that you can be bald by excessive use of hats because it deprives your scalp from fresh air and you sweat a lot. Conversely, wearing a hat has nothing to do with baldness but it is conclusively tied to genetics, duh!

Most men die of Prostrate Cancer:

Well, this is a prevalent disease in most men but definitely not the worst killer. In that respect, lung cancer is the worst killer of many a men. Only around 40 of 100 men diagnosed with Prostrate cancer die from the disease. But then, it sometimes varies upon your family history and risk levels. Don’t let the myth grain traction!

Eating more protein equates to more muscles:

Fellas, if you are not strength training and yet taking a lot of protein, you will end up nowhere. In America, guys eat protein, about 80-90 gms per day, which is double the amount of what is recommended. Now the question is, is that up to any good?

You need to gulp down protein right after the workout:

Hey chill! There is no such need to slam a protein shake after you are done with lifting irons. If you are exercising vigorously, then there is a certain amount of protein that you need to intake in a week. That’s that.

High SPF sunscreens are the best:

Men shy away from using grooming products and only a handful of them are cautious about skin cancer. However, there is a myth doing rounds that because men have tough skin texture, they need higher SPF. Sadly, the margin with the lower SPF ones is fairly narrow. A 60 will block 98.3% and a 40 will block 96.7%. Now judge for yourself!

So, dear men, stay informed before believing in the myths.

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