This is What You Are Scared Of, According To Your Zodiac Sign

No matter how brave we act before the world, we all have some secret fears lurking inside the darkest chambers of our heart. Those fears transform into nightmares and we wake up in cold sweat sometimes. Have you ever wondered why you shiver in your sleep sometimes or feel like you are losing ground below your feet or falling off a cliff? These are the signs that you are hostage to an unknown fear. If you read astrology a lot, you have probably read about the positive qualities of your sign but there are gloomy and frightening aspects too. Every zodiac sign has their own kind of fear and here are they:

Aries has a fear of losing people:

Aries is fiery and combative. They will throw themselves into a competition because it is their very own nature. In the meanwhile, they can antagonize the people they love without even realizing it because they have a limited vision about what’s forthcoming. Their actions mostly backfire and at that time they will choose to disappear rather than fighting back.

Taurus has a fear of financial instability:

Taurus likes to be surrounded by amenities and comforts. So, any kind of financial instabilities or even the thought of it will make her skin crawl.

Gemini has a fear of making decisions:

Geminis are prone to changing their decisions every now and then. They are such agile manipulators that they change their stance so often driving you to forget what they originally told you. They have distinct side of personalities that make them indecisive.

Cancer has a fear of leaving home:

Cancers won’t budge from their comfort zone until there is a big reason. This is called agoraphobia which is the fear of being trapped into places from there is no escape route. They don’t learn to branch out and travelling to places that are emotionally and physically unfamiliar to them scares them to bits.

Leo has a fear of being ignored:

Leo is a social butterfly and hates walking into a room unnoticed. Rather, they will use their body language to express others and gain attention.

Virgo has a fear of imperfection:

The slightest bit of disorganization freaks them out. This is the biggest trigger of their despair.

Libra has a fear of being alone:

Being good romantic partners and intelligent, Librans fear staying alone the most. They are serial monogamists and perpetually depressed.

Scorpio has a fear of intimacy:

Scorpios are dark, deep and complex people who fear of engulfment and losing their individuality in a relationship. They drag people towards them and push them away through emotional withdrawals. They fear that people will eventually love them and they will not stand up to their expectations.

Sagittarians are afraid of confined places:

They won’t do anything two a penny because they are natural explorers. Ruled by planet Jupiter, they are the wild horses allowed to roam so confined places freak them out a lot.

Capricorns are afraid of failures:

They are the business-minded and hard working lots who are most afraid to fail. While climbing up the career ladder, they thing that they are afraid of is a tragic fall off that.

Aquarians have fear of institutionalization:

They will avoid any kind of intellectual entrapment. They find claustrophobic, like Sagittarians when directed towards an institution.

Pisceans have a fear of responsibility:

Pisceans are withdrawn in their parallel world of fantasy and any emotional attachment with the real world seems taxing for them. They are sages of wisdom without an ounce of maturity. They are totally incapacitated to deal with the day-to-day life.

These are the weirdest fears of every zodiac sign.


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