Five Strange Culture Of Americans That Makes A Difference

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Confusing between cultures can be a common experience. Cultures of one place can be a strange amusement for some while some may find it unnecessary. But no one can ignore the dominance of the culture of a place and believe in it. Though the USA is one of the developed countries with the belief diversity and equality. Even some strange cultures of  are followed by the people of the country.

You can rush while eating but a strange culture

There is less time for people to spend a long time sitting and have a cup of coffee. While roaming around during weekdays office hours there are many moving around with a cup of tea or coffee. Americans may carry a go-on container, or food without any hesitation having while on a walk. 

It is common when another person being new may find this culture to be uncomfortable. While eating we always have the habit of sitting calm and then eating food. 

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No longer a stranger

A culture is talking to strangers may not be common in many parts. But all of a sudden if any stranger smiles at you or says “hello” it is nothing awkward to them. It can be something new and strange for outsiders. Slowly it will be a part of your daily life, once made uncomfortable will become a habit. 

Engaging in a small conversation anyhow and anywhere is a part of the USA culture. Maybe while traveling or simply at the entrance of your apartment. 

Obsessed with ice cubes, popular but strange culture

Yes, you can count on the obsessions with ice cubes. It was after 1847 that chilled or ice beverages were served for the richest. A sign of luxury which existed among the Americans but slowly with the increase of availability iced beverages turned to become a booming business. Ice was no longer used to preserve food or medicines. Chilled beverages became popular and still exist as a culture. 

Trick or treat is all it means

It is fun, now it is popular as Halloween. Kids dress in different costumes and move from one house to another asking if a trick or treat. Children and adults all are involved in this distinctive and strange culture. 

If they are given a treat then the house owners are free from any mischief. But if no treat, the house owners should be ready for a trick or mischief. The culture boomed from world war II. 

Coffee or beverages 

Early morning starts with a cup of coffee, about 30 percent of the Americans make it the top-selling product. One of the strange cultures presents with the obsessions with beverages and cups of coffee. A day cannot start without sips of coffee from their coffee cups in the morning and breakfast at home. Few more cups when they are outside working or hanging around. 

Amazing and strange culture of Americans that makes a matter of discussion. They are interesting that fascinates to know further about the livelihoods. May be chilled soda, trick or treat each has intensified from the ancient. 


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