12 Things Every Pune Chic Will Relate To! Ever Been A Student There?


Oh my dear Pune, I miss you the most!

Like me, I am sure many chics would be missing out on Pune fun, for all the craziness it had to offer to bold and beautiful bombshells!

Trust me, it isn’t easy to leave Pune if you have lived a few years as a student there. Leaving your heart in Pune is no surprise. The serene, humble, beautiful, accepting with open arms, yet so happening city of Pune, must be THE DESTINATION for all hot chics!

If you ever tasted Pune life being a Pune chick, here are 15 things you can relate to and will never forget throughout your life:

  1. Symbiosis chics are hot but Fergusson’s are hotter man! Yes, this debate is an ongoing banter at all tapri joints and we all were a part f it, inadvertently!


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