Vivian Dsena Fans Blow Up Twitter Over His Elimination From Jhalak Reloaded!


Vivian Dsena elimination totally broke our hearts!

And this wasn’t what we expected and don’t you think it was too early?

Well if you look at his popularity and fans support, you wouldn’t believe the news.

It’s not just us who were shocked with Vivian’s elimination.

Vivian Dsena fans took to Twitter to express their shock, anger and sadness.

They even managed to trend #InjusticeToVivanDsena as one of the top trends.

As soon as fans got to know that their favourite actor was eliminated from the show, they took their disbelief to social media sites.

They were unable to digest the fact that Vivian Dsena had to depart so soon even though they were voting for him day and night.

Here are some tweets by Vivian fans where they direct their anger towards Colors and cry foul play over Vivian’s elimination.



These were just a few tweets, fans have literally bombarded Colors mentions with such tweets.

Wonder what will Colors say now?

It truly is shocking because even before the show started, Vivian was touted as the potential of the Jhalak along with Sanaya Irani.

We can understand the anger of fans who voted for their favourite.

Vivian Dsena didn’t just deserved to be in the show because of his popularity but also because the show is all about a journey of a non dancer to a dancer, and Vivian was improving a lot.

I guess more than trophy, Vivian won the love and respect of his fans.

His smile after his elimination proved the guy has no regret and he walked like a true star.

Vivian also thanked his fans for their love and support.

And as he has always said, it’s his fans love and feedback that keeps him going, we are sure he must be proud of his fans who have always stood for him.

Here’s what Vivian tweeted…

He definitely has the best fans!

A fact! Well said Vivian..

What do you think about last week elimination?

Do you think Vivian Dsena elimination was fair?

Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

We wish Vivian Dsena good luck for his future endeavours.

Cheers to all the fans for making their voice heard and standing up for things they believe in.

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