Here is How You Can Spot A Fake Degree College

Fake degree college

Fake degree college – When a student passes their board exams with flying colours, there are many career paths opened for them, some are suggested by the elders, some are chosen by their own.

But one needs to assure the authenticity of the college or the applicability of the degree in the employment world. There are many colleges who seem like those merchant of dreams that cater you a plethora of promises and when reality strikes, the student has a tough time finding his feet in the corporate world because the college and its degree was fake in the first place. It is a common sight of thousands of students and parents lining up at the university gates come admission season for higher education because the world of education is saturated with competition. But there are colleges cropping up around the town that sell fake degrees with impunity and the government is hand-in-gloves about the matter.

However, we are here for your rescue. Go through the below tips to figure out fake degree college, whether the college you are applying in is a real or a fake:

Fake degree college –

1 – Trust the University Grants Commission:

The University Grants Commission is your true confidante that spills the beans on the perfidiousness of the college. When you embark upon the research, you must visit the University Grants Commission website which is a government body that overlooks the machinations of higher education in India. This is the best website to refer to when you are looking to apply for an University degree.

2 – Visit the University’s personal websites and look closely:

Wear your detective’s hat to find out whether the University is really worth the bargain and then proceed. Start with the personal website of the University which is the best way to start with. You have to hair-split over the minutest of information while doing such and stop right there if the University or college in question has no website at all. There has to be affliction and accreditation about the university in the home page itself. If they have nothing to hide, they should not hide it in the first place.

3 – Check its grades:

The National Accreditation or Assessment council is an autonomous body that was funded by the UGC to put the universities offering high-end degrees under the scanner. The highest degree that the body confers is A and the colleges are ought to provide this kind of information to the students.

4 – Don’t be afraid to question:

The best way to find out about a University is to question. You can reach out to the former students of the University about their experiences, bitter or sweet. The education spirit of the university has to align with your interest so that you can proceed with your application and there is no harm in discussing with your seniors because they can guide you in the right lines. You should not feel intimidated to ask a lot of questions too because your future depends on it and you are engaging a lot of money in it.

These are the signs of fake degree college – The college should not be interested in admitting the students who have not cleared their board exams and if they are doing it, that is purely out of greed so steer clear of such colleges.

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