5 Things That You Should Never Talk About If You’re At A Senior Position In An Organization

Senior position

Senior position – There is no better award than being a great source of inspiration at work.

However, it takes a lot to be someone whom everybody look up at. Regardless of the job profile, industry, sit-down conversation, or an online meeting, a person who chooses his words carefully before uttering it out, is regarded as a leader.

Every little thing you talk about at work leaves an impression on your colleagues or your employees. Even exchanging a glance at the mention of a name or changing facial expressions make people around you, deduce conclusions about you.

Here are a few things you must avoid talking about at work, especially if you are at a senior position.

1. Your boss

Just like your employees may have professional grievances against you occasionally, it’s quite natural for you to get frustrated with your boss at times. And since you interact more with the ones who work under you or with you, sharing your work life problems with them is normal for you. However, the moment your team gets to know what you think of your boss, they won’t have as much confidence in you, as they would otherwise. Everyone has a boss issue. But sharing the issue with your team is not good for your reputation, and impression as a leader.

2. Another colleague

Gossiping is no big deal in the job market. Employees move from one person to another spreading tales that even the person concerned wouldn’t know about. As a professional at a senior position, you should be the last one taking interest in the gossips. As when it comes to creating stuff, people would also have to add your opinion, true or untrue, and take gossiping acceptable at workplace.

3. Client

You assign a task to one of the members of your team. The team member is unable to lock a deal with a client who simply refuses at any offer the team member makes. Starting then, you roll your eyes every time the client is mentioned. You might feel that the client is stupid enough to keep rejecting every offer and maybe that’s true. However, badmouthing your client along with a member of your team could prove lethal to your reputation, as you were the one who talked about how clients are important to your organization.

4. Messy employee

You always work as a team. If a task got screwed up, no single person is responsible for the damage. It’s easy to let out a big sigh of disappointment and focus the blame on a team member. But unless you are addressing the source of the problem, your complaint is inappropriate. That way, you’re telling your team that you prefer complaining about things rather than dealing with it.

5. How bad is it at work

Handling a senior position at work is difficult. You have to deal with pressure from your boss, and handle your team at the same time, which is why it’s obvious to feel frustrated at times. But the times you feel you need to vent it out, vent it in front of your co-workers or someone who’s senior to you. Telling your team or the ones who work under you about how miserable your profile is, will only make them think of you as a struggler and not a leader.

There are a number of times when you might feel frank at work. Telling your co-workers and employees about your professional issues and your struggle at the company, is not going to help under any circumstance.

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