Perks of having guy friends

we tell you why having a bunch of guy friends is the best thing in the world!

Guys may be a little low on hygiene and cleanliness, but they are definitely the best companions to have! If you have ever had guy friends (minus the love angle, of course), you would know what fun it’s to hang out with these no-nonsense fellas. Life is one big party when you have guys to bank up on. We have listed down some of the perks of having guy friends. Girls, read on!

Food 24/7
Considering how much men love eating, you would always find food around them. Be it unhealthy snacks, exotic fruits or Chinese takeaways, you would never go to bed hungry. They are less fussy about gorging on good food than their female counterparts, so you would be able to indulge without being judged for it!

Distress call
So it’s post 10 in the night and you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Your bravery and heroism notwithstanding, you dial your guy friend…and all is well again. He would most definitely come and pick you up or arrange for someone to get you. And in the worst scenario, he would keep in touch with you over the phone. Also, men never let go of their ‘macho’ streaks when a damsel in distress calls.

Drink it up
Have you ever had vodka with limbu paani? Downed a couple of beers with chakna that’s crazier than all of your guy friends put together? Well, that’s one of the perks of having a cool gang of guys around. You’ll learn all about new combinations of drinking, along with smart tips for fighting hangovers. Since you’re the ‘girl’ of the group, they will make sure you reach home safely and all that jazz.

Zero judgments
Guys are the least judgmental. So you can be the way you’re without being concerned. You could be fat, tall, short or a potato head and it wouldn’t matter to them. If they like you, they’re going to be there for you always. But don’t expect them to notice your new dress, haircut, weight loss and cool shoes.

Keeping stalkers at bay
With studs around, which boy would try to stalk or irritate you? Be it that nasty colleague who always gets ‘touchy feely’ with you or that creepy ex-boyfriend who follows you back home. With a bunch of guy friends around, these annoying creatures will not try to do anything to harm you.

Girls, are you able to relate to this? Do you have any interesting stories to share with us? Do shout out to us in the comments secction below…

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