Why Should You Appreciate Your Bad Boss

We tell you why your boss truly deserves an appreciation from you. Read on!

Working for someone else is different and challenging, no matter how good or bad your boss may be.

However, as much as you hate to hear it, having a good relationship with your boss always has a positive side. Nurturing a good relationship is important for your immediate job satisfaction as well as producing advancement opportunities in your career.

No matter how much you dislike your boss, there’s always a reason to appreciate him/her.

We tell you why your boss truly deserves an appreciation from you. Read on!

1. The boss appreciates you too

Let’s face it. We are all humans and imperfection is what we’re made up of. No being is perfect. Everyone lacks at something or the other. So while you think that a certain move in the project was in the company’s best interest and your boss tends to differ, maybe she is right from her perspective. And yet when the time comes, she appreciates your work. So you should too, because she did it irrespective of your difference in opinions.

2. The risk to yourself

If we all lived in Fantasyland, people could just freely gripe about their managers with no fear of retribution. But here, in the real world, complaining about your boss carries considerable risk. After all your boss has the power to affect your pay, performance review and project assignments. So rather than criticizing the boss regularly, learn to appreciate him or her, even if you’re not a praising person.

3. Boss’s point of view

No. The boss is not right always. But before you jump to conclusions about him being unable to understand your way of doing a thing, step into the boss’ shoes for once and see how would you have dealt with the situation. After all, it’s not easy to be a pain in the eyes of one’s employees and still be the best.

4. Do it for yourself

All of us have a opinion and are typically proud to share it. In the case of a boss, this can be especially helpful as this person is likely to have a different opinion as compared to yours. Your boss is going to record your opinion and value it when it comes to a plan B. Moreover, if anytime you never know when would a letter of recommendation be required in your career.

Appreciating your boss at times, can go a long way towards maintaining a positive relationship. By breaking the habit of criticizing your boss always, you could create a greater familiarity and closeness, making your work more enjoyable.  


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