Life After Class 12th !

Life after class 12th

Life after class 12th – Ever since you got your senses, you have been told the same old story on which you blindly believe.

They says, life after class 12th will be easy, burn your sweat and toil now and you will live leisurely.

Well, ask your seniors, the pain is real. Nothing is or will be easy until you achieve it, and if you consider getting into an esteemed institution is what all you need then here are things that keeps augmenting the lists of problems you try running from:


Ironically, the desire of getting into a big organisation is one of those priorities you have while getting admission into a college. The reason why, you not only longs for a government institute but also motives for a direct placement from there. There is nothing wrong in making plans for future, only if you don’t have to sacrifice with you present needs. Self introspection will be the better option to mirror yourself.

Life After Class 12th


Probably, there is no age to love but to give commitments there should be. Promises made out of emotions, merely lasts till the next morning and thus you often face consequences of failing to make them happen. Be it commitments to self; walking up early, following balance diet, gymming, meditation or any other health benefiting and goal oriented act, relationships, etc.

Life After Class 12th


You may not know how much you love your family, until you stay quite away from them. You actually don’t miss your home, but your family, every time, when you’re hustling with the cruel yet real world. Often, when you shift to hostel or start to live as a paying guest, you miss the person you are close to and want them to be with you.

Life After Class 12th

 Peer Pressure:

If you think you are mature enough to tackle pressure and wise enough to choose between right and wrong, just because you are 18 or plus, then you might have to correct your perception. Maturity has never been the subject of age but experiences. Books might help you gaining knowledge but experiences helps you to grow.

Life After Class 12th


Living in the era of socialisation, where a child might not born with a silver spoon but with an internet connection is must. Talking about relationships, they are merely a tag for PDA (Public Display of Affection), fancy posts, status symbol and even to hangout and party. Among such mindset, to find your true love is not a child’s game.

Life After Class 12th

Life after class 12th is not easy, if you think your hardships are over, then hold on, the game has just began. With lots of expectations you come out of the examination hall on the last day of your board exams. And that is the moment from where your real journey begins. Be it fighting for entrance exams, or jittering teeth while the cut off lists is being released. From getting admission into, to ensure a good placement, the sword over your head keeps swinging. Even after day, the life is not really easy. In nutshell, there is alot to explore.

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