You Will Have a Great Career Prospect In Japan if You Are An IT Engineer

Indian IT engineers

Indian IT engineers – Japan has established its credentials in the technological forefront and it is now one of the global players that only cater the state-of-the-art machinery and automobile.

Japan has so far been testing the water as to whether Indian IT engineers would fare in their companies and their apprehension is thawed now. Japan is now looking to recruit more Indian IT engineers for accentuating their technological endeavors by using the Indian intellect which is highly sought after even in western countries.

To tell you, there is a reason why Japan has embarked upon such an unprecedented project because their domestic pool of talent is drying up and it is now in dire need to rope in the foreign talent to fill in the void.

Lately, the biggest economical magazines have reported that Japan’s economy too was ailing which is driving them frantic. Reportedly, there is a shortage of at least 600,000 positions in Japan and Tokyo is reaching out for help from the other Asian countries like India. In some time ago, Japan has launched a project in India called Project Indian Institute of Technology (PIIT) which called upon students from the ace institution of India Indian Institute of Technology or IIT to spend their internship period in the Japanese firms. Tokyo is having its fingers crossed that some of these engineers will extend their stay in Japan thereby helping to revive the economy.

Indian IIT engineers always have a US dream crystallized in their minds and they are not always willing to work in Japan because the perks they promise to provide is not commensurate to their talent they think.

India too is not ready to lose its talents to Japanese firms, especially those passed out with flying colors from the IIT  and as per the International Competitiveness Report (World Economic Forum) India is ranked 23 in attracting the talents which is way ahead of Japan that ranks 77. Talent is not immobile and the fertile minds always look for better opportunities so the IIT engineers are better off home now. India is laying down a slew of drool-worthy opportunities for the IIT engineers and they know where their growth lies and Japan is gasping for air to spruce up its economy with the help of IIT engineers.

However, as a recent report by India Today, at least 40,000 engineers are to be hired by Japan in the coming year and they are offering great perks for them too. This is synonymous to mass hiring of engineers who are not from the elite institutes such as IIT. Japan has further added the Japanese Language training programs in different universities of India which seem to be a breeding ground for engineers who are seeking careers in Japan.

Japan has elucidated that they are really keen to employ the engineers from the institutes in Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka because the education standards are really impressive there. Once you are selected for the post, the concerned Japanese firm will put you through an extensive one year training in Japan only so there lies a great opportunity for Indian IT engineers it seems.


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