What Use Is Your Degree If You Have No Clue What To Do With It


Degree – She had been extremely stressed for the past one year.

Her results were not even close to what potential she possessed.

Stressed not because she thought that failing is a bad thing, stressed because she knew that if her parents, who pressurized her to take up this course as a career, came to know about it, she wouldn’t know how to deal with the situation.

It was difficult. The whole thing just did not make any sense. She had to reappear in all those exams she couldn’t take. For her alternate stream of interest was what she was about to study. Yes, she did score a good percentage in that, she got degree, yet when it was time to relish in one’s career getting settled, all she wondered about was what was she going to do next. There did not seem a way, even if she had degree. An  year later when she attended her graduation ceremony, she felt satisfied, not because she had gained something, but because now she did not owe it to anyone. Not even her parents.

The erred education system in India, has received substantial attention in the past few years, leading to an increase in the number of emerging careers. Thanks to the Bollywood hit (you know which movie am I talking about) that struck the chord of students three years back, we saw a number of them changing streams or writing passionate stuff about what they really want to do in life.

We are the country that produces the highest number of engineers in the world. No, I am not talking only about software engineers, but engineers as a whole. Yet more than half of the non-IT stream ends up working with MRCs like TCS, Infosys or Accenture. For those who, get a job in their core sector, growth depends on their how long is their interest sustained in the field. And those who do not, an year or two, and then MBA is all on their mind.

India takes pride in creating the ‘creative capital’ to boost the revenue and business index of the country. But is the young generation encouraged to think out of the box? Not really. It is either the family or some other issue that is always there to suppress the intelligentsia of our economy. More than half of the graduated population ends up switching streams as their hulky scorecards are not good enough to get them a job.

Keeping all this in mind, shouldn’t the government take steps to introduce new, exciting and diverse courses that finds relevance in our economic growth?

No, I am not saying that it is only the government that need to take initiative.

But a major reason behind graduates being clueless and directionless after their studies is also because we do not have adequate opportunities in the country. Entrepreneurship being a good example.

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