Startup Bengaluru Woman Converts Tires to Shoes

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Startup Bengaluru woman, winner of Rs 50,000 in the “Upcoming Woman Entrepreneur” Pooja Apte started her business with the making of shoes. The shoes are made from waste tire parts. The journey was not at all easy as investment always stands as a great factor.

All the recycling businesses related to tire works need a good lump sum of the amounts. Pooja Apte did not have a great amount of money to invest. She had no cash except the Rs. 50,000 that she won in “Startup India”.

Her participation in “Startup India”

Pooja Apte is a post-graduate in Renewable energy from the Energy and Research Institute. It was in her last year of studies 2018, in the end, she started looking for a job. Looking for a job enabled her to find out some of the experiences. It was about the kind of work in different trades of the recycling process.

She found that the investment is high but wanted to do something innovative. Finally, she discovered ways to recycle and make new shoes; when researches were about the African communities. To prepare her first samples for the “Better India” participation. She took help from the roadside cobbler nearby to make the shoes.

So, after cracking up with a new invention she won the prize amount. After winning the prize it was a great investment for her startup business.

The new startup entrepreneur did not want to start anything that will increase the pollution in the air. Maximum discarded tire processing leads to air and water pollution. She did not want this at all.  

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Beginning of her career as a Startup Bengaluru entrepreneur

Immediately after completing her graduation, last semester all her time was for designing and making shoes. Her first shoes with stunning in appearance and design. This was made and sold as bridal shoe wear. This added more inspiration and hope for her startup company. With this Pooja experimenting and designing was selling shoes through the help of social media.

The best part of her new thoughts in business the startup Bengaluru woman is recycling over 400 kg of waste tires. The job is done without damaging the environment or increasing pollution.

About 1000 pairs of shoes were made out by the recycling of the tires.
At an early stage, the making of shoes was not up to the mark. But with time and production, Pooja Apte is always working on improving the quality of the shoes. This has given a new definition of shoes relating to weight and sizes. Now shoes are available in different sizes and are light weighted.

The startup company is working since 2019, the name of her innovative shoe brand is “Nemital”.
Intelligent and observance have provided the right basic path apart from her education. Altogether she is using her entire possible positive factors to become a businesswoman. The 28-year-old startup Bengaluru entrepreneur one of the youngest energized women. She had to suffer a loss during the Covid 19 pandemic.

This was immediately after her start in business but she expects to grow her business in 2021. The aim is to increase her production to the maximum. Expose her products to the global market in the upcoming years.

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