Do You Always Want To Have a ‘œNew Car’? If Yes, Then Here’s How You Can

Cars are good companions for most of their owners. They are testament to their good & bad memories and most of the users develop emotional attachments to their vehicles…

For most car fanatics their four-wheelers are not just vehicles; they are a storehouse of old and new memories! This emotional attachment makes it difficult for them to part with these machines.

For all such car owners, we get some maintenance tips for cars which will help them keep the vehicle as good as new even after rigorous use.

With a little extra care and by adopting some simple tips one can easily prolong the life of a car.

We list below 15 such tips:

1). It is crucial to keep the car speed under 55 mph (88 kpm) (or as advised by the car manufacturer) during the break-in period of the car.

2). Do not keep the car idle for long periods, especially during the break-in period.

3). Avoid overloading the trunk or the roof of the car.

4). Always drive smoothly and do not be ruthless on the car. Use the steering, accelerator, clutch, brake, & gear effortlessly.

5). Do not tail gate the car in traffic.

6). Drive slowly and cautiously on rough roads.

7). If there is a mechanical problem with the car, do not delay and immediately consult a mechanic. Driving on with the problem will surely reduce the life of the car. Keep a tab on the automotive warning lights.

8). Accelerate slowly when starting to drive, try to keep the speed constant, too much of variations affect the engine.

9). Changing the spark plugs and wires of the vehicle help add years to the engine of the car.

10). Protect the engine of the car by changing the fuel filter which guards the engine from external particles and debris.

11). Gasoline sediment may accumulate at the bottom of the gas tank. Hence, it is advisable to fill it before it empties and the fuel filter pulls the debris.

12). Keep a check on engine leaks.

13). Keep a check on the engine’s coolant. This prevents overheating of the engine.

14). Increase the life of the power-steering pump by avoiding holding the steering wheel in extreme left or right positions for long.

15). Keep the key chain light and do not add other keys to it. The weight my cause damage to the tumblers inside the ignition.

In short, it is advisable to drive smoothly and keep a regular check on various parts of the car. By adopting the tips mentioned above, car users may increase the life of the car, which would also add to many more happy memories!

Take good care of your car – your true companion for life!

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