Career In Retail Management: Why You Should You Opt For It?

Retail Management

Retail Management – When was the last time you visited a supermarket? Didn’t you want to bring a change in the way things were done there? If yes, then this is the field for you.

Retail management deals with the responsibilities of managing supermarkets and hypermarkets in strict business terms. Be in India or globally, retial management has seen a sudden upsurge in the recent years. The only industry that functions clearly on “Customer is the King.”

Until a few years back, or even now, in some of the small towns, you’d spot a grocery store or kirana shop that sells commodities at wholesale prices. However, supermarkets or hypermarkets like Big Bazaar and Walmart offer you discount on without any sale season. And who gets to decide the discount amount on the commodities? You do. So we here give you a brief insight into a building a career in retail management.


After graduation in any field, you’ll need to take the Common Aptitutde Test for getting into good colleges for management. It’s just like you prepare yourself for other MBA streams.

Job Prospects

As said earlier, retail industry is one of the fastest emerging careers in India. Contributing as much as 15% of the total GDP, this sector in India, is one of the top five retail markets in the world. Therefore, a huge demand has been observed for perofessionals in retail managment in the recent few years.

Here are some of the most promising options in this field…

Retail Manager: Co-ordinates the work of a retail outlet, manages store layout, manages layout of the merchandise and supplies.

Sales: You’d very well be aware of the fact that sales is the one of the biggest responsibility in this field. I guess no elaboration is required here.

Visual Merchandiser: Breathes life and hence identity to a brand. They could work as a technical deisgner, product developer, store developer and a brand developer.

A career in Retail Management offers opportunities in supply chain management, retail industry and export-import business. But, be sure of choosing this career if only you have the attitude to understand the retail industry and have an interest in advertising as well.

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