How Feasible Is It To Pursue A Career In Gemology In India

Career in Gemology

Career in Gemology – Gems and jewellery have been an important and inseparable part of Indian culture.

Since time immemorial, Indians have coveted both precious and semi precious stones for their astrological significance. Gemstones like sapphire, ruby, emerald and diamond have since the evolution of culture, been looked upon as symbols of power and prosperity. Not much has changed when it comes to the utility of these precious materials.

Career in Gemology

The study of finding gemstones, grading, and evaluating them is basically termed as gemology.

Though, India has always boasted about its rich treasures and history, the art of creating precious metals has still not emerged as a full fledged career in India. Yes, the demand for gemstones keep increasing with every year and the owners showcase their best of gems to the retailers, yet the study and evaluation is still not given major importance. We tell you everything you need to know about pursuing a career in gemology in India. Read on!


You must have passed intermediate and be at least eighteen years old, to take up a short term certificate course or Diploma in any gemology related program. The courses provide basic information regarding the identification of different gemstones. To apply in any of the Diploma programs you must be a graduate in any discipline. Some art and design colleges, with jewellery desgining offer gemology as a part of their curriculum.


Apart from providing basic information about gemstones, the courses also have principles of grading gemstones, as a part of their program. Some of the short term courses include: Gem identification Certificate course, Diamond grading certificate course, certificate course in Cut design and analysis, pearl grading, polished diamond grading course etc.

Job Prospects

The job prospects include employment in two industries. You can go for either the gem mining industry or the gem exporting industry. And of’ course jewellery designing and jewellery retailing business. Other options include jobs in gem and precious metal evaluating and testing laboratories. You can also look up for jobs in units producing gemmological tools and artificially created gems. But like I said earlier, it might take quite some time to get a good pay packet in these jobs. Having studied gemology once, you best bet is to open up your own business and earn in crores, depending on the scale of your business.

Pros and Cons Career in Gemology

P: high profitable business, high earnings, building contacts with the rich and famous of the society

C: requires lot of skills, endless hours in gem grading and polishing, capital required to set up a business

A profession in gemology is not just confined to laboratories and conducting tests for grading and evaluating gemstones. As a gemologist you may have innumerable job opportunities ranging from working in a diamond mine to the owner of popular gems and jewellery brand.

Career in Gemology – And once ino this profession you’re bound to abroad and flourish your business.

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