Where Are We Headed With Smartphones?

In the present day and age where mobile devices have become such an integral part of our lives, it is only fair that we discuss the future of its technology and where it’s headed. Read on!

Since they were introduced, the smartphones have advanced in leaps and bounds. There have been sea changes in the devices whether it is the iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy Phones, or the HTC One M8. Everytime a new model is introduced they are packed with improved technologies and exclusive features. They are always a better version of their predecessors. 

But the big question is what their future is? Where are the smartphones heading to with the improved technologies? Will there be a time when a single smartphone will be shaped and modeled according to the needs of its users? 

Here are some of the factors, which the smartphone companies can really work upon. Power is the main source for all gadgets. Instead of building handheld devices with higher capacity batteries, the power source can be replaced so that there would not be any need for charging. 


Exploring alternative sources for power is a good choice. Although solar-powered batteries already exist but we need something more sophisticated and advanced. The devices that promised solar powered batteries never really hit the market in a large way. However, solar energy is not the only alternative. For example, Apple was exploring the fields of magnetic conduction and kinetic energy for its iWatch. Similar technologies can be applied to the mobiles too. 

Presenting future smartphones in various shapes is another aspect that you need to look out for. The Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex have already come up with curved displays. May be in the near future such curved displays will be replaced by flexible displays followed by completely foldable or bendable displays. This would surely provide an out of the box user experience for all. It would be an interesting experience to place your phones around your wrists while you are driving. It will add on to the usability and portability factors. 

Getting hold of modular phones might be another possibility in the near future. A fully customizable modular smartphone for which you can handpick the hardware components might not be a remote idea anymore. In short, you can design your own future smartphones. It would not be just the hardware but also the color and the design. There might be privacy screens which would be especially useful for being used in public transports. 

With passing time what we require is a more adaptable device that would response easily to the changing environments. Technology, in essence, is all about advancement and development. And smartphone is a device that demands innovation and advanced mobile technology. Thus, with time these devices are sure to evolve for the better.


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