6 Engineering Majors in The US That Have Great Career Prospects


Engineering major – Pursuing a major in the US will be your slam-dunk for  a great career.

There is a common frenzy towards a foreign degree among the Indian students because the competition is pretty cut-throat in the Indian educational scene as compared to the US because of the limited seats they offer.

On the other hand, the US universities have thrown open their gates for the foreign students where they get to interact with people from varied cultures and nationalities thereby expanding their horizon. That aside, the US work culture is way more professional than Indian one which enables a student who is doing internship there to become a better professional.

When we are at the threshold of college life, the concern of selecting majors  rob us off our sleep because our whole future depends on it and the job market is narrowing by the day. In case, if you are contemplating to pursue a major in the US, here are the ones that have the better job prospects.

Attention: we are giving you the names of the majors that have better starting salaries. So, to sum up, you get most out of your college life and the educational training you are putting yourself through.

Mechanical Engineering:

There is a growing need of mechanical engineers across the world because the automobile industries are at war with each other and trying to cater only the best. When you pursue a mechanical engineering course in the US, you will be provided extra attention by your employers and not to mention, the starting salary will be pretty alluring too.

Aerospace of Aeronautical Engineering:

This type of engineering concerns the one who work with the aircraft which primarily involves designing the aircraft and the propulsion systems. When you understand the subject and the aerospace industry, you are exposed to a vast range of organizations as you are placed in the third year of the course itself.

Materials Engineering:

By pursuing this degree, you are exposed to the biomedical, mining and aerospace industries. There you will get a chance to produce materials for a better generation such as ceramics, metals, polymers, electronic materials, composites. You learn to emphasis the relationship between atomic structure and microstructure which enables you to enhance the performance of the material.

Systems Engineering:

Systems Engineering is also called Industrial engineering you will be exposed to manufacturing, technology, hardware, retail and healthcare industries which tailors your technical skills with business acumen. The best part of this discipline is that you get a better grasp of the business of the company aside from the technical side.

Electrical Engineering:

This deals with the general studies of electronics and technology and this eventually becomes a challenging and rewarding experience for you as you start to work as a professional. This type of professionals are as coveted as the nurses and doctors as you can help millions of people on day-to-day basis.

Mathematics and Computer Science:

This is the digital age and we need computer scientists aplenty so there will be no scarcity of jobs for the person who chooses to study this discipline. Computer programs are associated with all the areas of our lives and the scientists theorize, design, develop and apply the software and hardware for our daily needs.

Opting for these educational majors will turn your life around and your success will be optimized if you pursue them from the US.

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