These are The Signs That You Are A Great Kisser But You Were Not Knowing it

Great Kisser

Great kisser – You can stop the world revolve on its axis by kissing, in a deep kiss your lovers knows all that you have not spoken in words.

Sometimes kisses are really paralysing too and you can’t snap back at reality to stay apart. Such is the coaxing power of a kiss and it is overwhelming always. Kissing is the first leg of making out and by simply kissing you can give the guy boner down there.

This is an exquisite way for connecting to the lover and establish intimacy. We gather, you have been kissing for quite some time now but you have perhaps never known that you are a great kisser.

You always have a rhythm while kissing:

You can never have enough of each other’s lips and no one among them tries to pull out from the other. You passionately stick to each other and there is a rhythmic drive in your kissing. Your kissing seems like dance.

Your partner never seems to get enough from you:

Your partner feels it hard to let go of you always. Your partner can’t keep their hand off you, plays with the ringlets of your hair, brushes his fingers against your cheek and looks for opportune moment to kiss you.

Your heart beats faster when you kiss:

You feel the heartbeat of the other person against yours. If you delay the satisfaction by kissing during intercourse, it really optimizes your urge. Sign that you are a great kisser is that you make a lot of eye contact during kissing.

The world shuts off around you:

You will be able to tell that you are the great kisser when the kiss comes to an end. If you focus too much on details you will end up looking you try too hard. You and your partner needs to have fun while kissing and lock yourselves in the moment. You should cut the talking part while kissing, if you talk too much while kissing or making love, it means that you are lacking the excitement.

You both smile when you kiss:

You should be a happy couple to share the kiss happily. Being in a happy relationship is downright sexy and you need to feel your partner’s teeth and they are smiling a lot while kissing you means you are going in the right track.

You try to merge with his style:

You are always open to different Technics and you are non-arrogant when it comes to kissing, you respect the other person’s preferences when you switch partners. You are both fast and slow when kissing.

You deal with the awkwardness by laughter:

It’s not criminal to feel awkward sometimes but how you deal with it is the question. When both you and your partner are a sport to take the awkwardness in light-hearted spirit, know that you are a kickass kisser.

Great Kisser – Also, you do a lot of self-analysis and never take the compliments for granted. You are a downright kissing grandmaster.

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