These Cars Made On Special Request Are Simply Jaw-Dropping

Cars made on special request – Car enthusiasts have infinite ways to express their affinity towards machines. They may invest millions in customizing the car as per their requirements.

When celebs and business barons ask car manufacturers to create custom-made cars for them, the machines designed are not just fabulous, but are outlandish and swanky in all aspects.

Such customized vehicles stand out in the crowd and are capable of turning heads in every circle. From coloring the wagon in peculiar hues of pink, red, or purple to inscribing the owner’s name or initials on seats or spokes, there’s a lot one can do to design an outrageous car.

Listed below are cars made on special request that scream attention owing to their bizarre yet distinctive features:   

  1. Range Rover with red coloured rims & headlights

Enameled in candy red, the Range Rover owned by baseball star Felix, has the color splashed all over it, right from the body to its headlights and the rims.

  1. Buick Centurion with 32-inch wheels

Loaded with colossal 32-inch Asanti wheels, the 1972 Black Centurion varnished in hues of purple and green, adorns the garage of the football player Darren McFadden.

  1. Caprice with 30-inch yellow and green rims

This absurd looking machine runs on mammoth 30-inch yellow and green rims. With a body painted in the same color as its wheels, this machine is a priced possession of the football player Chris Johnson.  

  1.  Bentley Continental GT with a diamond-encrusted dashboard

The Bentley Continental GT owned by Paris Hilton boasts of a diamond-encrusted dashboard and appears eccentric with most of its interiors & exteriors covered in pink. From the sheetmetal to the grille & wheels, this wagon displays the owner’s obsession for the color.

  1. Rolls-Royce with jersey number embroidered on the seats

A Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead with jersey number ‘23’ embroidered on its leather seats! No prizes for guessing its owner! Yes, it’s the football star David Beckham who loves riding the black colored machine having 24-inch Savini Forged wheels and a slew of expensive accessories.   

  1. Cadillac CTS-V Coupe with Batman logos

Inspired by the design of the Bat Mobile, the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe owned by Justin Beiber is a customized vehicle flaunting Batman logos and 20-inch Asanti wheels.

  1. Porsche Cayenne with pink body & rims

An elegantly done pink paint-job on a Porsche Cayenne looks exuberant and classy. The astounding vehicle owned by Maria Carey has the ‘MC’ monogram engraved on its seats!

Of course there are several other made-to-order vehicles that exude extravagance and panache. So if you had the power of money, what features and specifications would you like to have in your vehicle? A Ferrari with a gold-plated chassis, or probably a Lamborghini with diamond-studded interiors!

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