Trending: Twitteratis Are STILL Reacting On Chennai’s Anna Salai Road Incident And Its Hilarious!

Twitter Reactions On Anna Salai Road

Twitter Reactions On Anna Salai Road

Chennai’s Anna Salai Road incident has left people speechless and in shock.

Like seriously, the incident that took place in Chennai has blown people’s mind and the roads breaking into two has left fear into their hearts. On Sunday, a portion of the arterial Anna Salai also known as St. Thomas Mount Road caved in by pulling down an MTC Bus and a Honda City Car.

Luckily, no one was majorly affected and the people suffered only minor injuries. There were total 35 passengers present in the bus, but luckily they were evacuated immediately. According to the report, the bus has stopped at a bus stop when it began to sink and it felt as if all the air was let out of the tyres.

Later, the fire department pulled out the MTC Bus and a Honda City Car out using the crane at around 4.30 pm.

Check out the video here “Anna Salai Road Incident” (Just in case you missed it)

Shocking, isn’t it? Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal movie car scenes will also fail as compared to this dangerous real incident.

The whole incident has surely felt others speechless, but there are many people out there who are converting the whole incident into a hilarious meme. Right from dragging Narendra Modi to Rajnikanth to Sasikala, people are hilariously bringing their own creative side by turning the image into a meme.

Twitteratis are STILL reacting over the incident.

Take a look at these Twitter Reactions On Anna Salai Road –

  1.    The superman is here!


2. This one is totally HILARIOUS.


3. Modi Ji on point!


4. WTF!!


5. This is kinda FUNNY.


6. Is this the FUTURE? 



8. Just a prediction.

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