Poonam Pandey Invents B**bs Marketing. Read How!

Poonam Pandey

When we update #ThrowbackThursday or #LazySunday Poonam Pandey likes the hashtag of #TittyTuesday

Yes if you are still not following her on Twitter then seriously you are missing some real doze of entertainment. Well I am not a very big fan of her twins on #TittyTuesdays but seriously flummoxed at the level to which a person can go to seek attention.

When I read that line about her contribution to ‘Titty Tuesday’ I was aghast. Seriously cheapness at its heights!! I so want to ask her what are the names of her “twins”….Karan-Arjun?

She is so much in the news of baring it all that when she puts on clothes she actually has to update people that it isn’t a fake profile.

Oh yes she was very much in the news back in 2011 when India won the World Cup. She had received media attention as she promised to strip naked if India won. However as per reports BCCI played spoilsport and didn’t allow the stripping to happen even though India won the Cup.

She bore all though after Kolkata Knight Riders won.

This year the hashtag #ThisWorldCupPoonamPandeyWill became a big trending topic.

If not acting she at least has a wonderful career option in cheer leading. Wonder if this is how you cheer for your favorite team…well who am I to judge?

Anyways this is how she has been cheering India…

She has a fetish of taking extreme close up selfies of her assets


Oops was that disappointing, well then here it is her bed time selfie:


Seriously it doesn’t matter if it’s in the bed or not but this selfie is definitely a bad selfie. What is the psyche of such people? What does she even want to convey? Is she the only girl with b**bs?

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