5 Reasons India Is Not A Superpower Yet!


America is the world’s only superpower yet!

Yes, there are a lot of countries trying to replace it and amongst them India is a worthy contender. However, we are still far away from occupying such an envious position of power!

Do we want to be a world superpower?

Of course, yes!

Can we become one?

Well, there are no clear answers for this as a lot depends on how we act, rather than our boastful statements of predicting that this century belongs to India thanks to ever growing population and nothing else to support the superpower status! Truly speaking, we have become wannabes of being a superpower than rightfully deserving of the coveted title!

Let’s bring to you 5 topmost reasons as to why India is not a superpower yet!:

1) Disrespect for Our Own History

For a country’s growth, it is important for its people to understand and respect its cultural history and legacy. Knowing is not enough! One has to know and then learn lessons so as not to repeat the mistakes. All we care about as a nation is our independence struggle and that too in bits and parts. On top of it, we hardly learn anything from it; leave aside implanting the lessons learnt! Try visiting any museum in the country and watch people behaving there. You’ll get what we’re saying!

2) Discipline Missing

Are we the disciplined lots? Do we throw garbage in bins? Do we spit on the walls? Do we urinate in public places? Do we behave like mature people when in a public place? There are tons of questions like this and sadly the answer to all is same: we are not disciplined at all! It doesn’t take only the military capabilities to be a superpower, but also the people power that yes, the citizens are sensible and grown-up enough to handle such a position of power!

3) Responsibility of Actions Severly Unavailable

Again, we are the first ones to blame everyone and everybody for anything wrong happening in life. May be it is the government or the neighbours or family or anyone who can be made the scapegoat for our own collective failures. The day we learn to take responsibility for our own actions, the entire nation will change!

4) Utterly Crazy About Money

There is no harm in being a capitalist country, but one should not ignore other aspects of life. Earning money and making huge profits is the basic right for every human being, but there has to be a balance when it comes to quality of life, following ethics, morals and principals and making sure that the value of money is not more than the intangibles that make life worth living!

5) Equalled Value of Human Life Diminishing

Only one individual or only his near and dear ones should succeed is not the right way for a country to grow. Till the time we don’t value human life on a broader level, there can’t be any substantial growth. The quality of life of every individual has to be on par. No differentiation on the basis of caste, colour, creed or religion should be followed so that everyone gets equal opportunities to contribute to the society and achieve their dreams and desires. Every death due to some stupid preventable accident or dowry death or a cold-blooded murder (read abortion) of a foetus should hurt us for change to happen!

We have to work together if we want our country to progress and be a land of happiness and prosperity. Nothing can be achieved by blaming the government and past experiences for our today’s failures.

Let’s join hands and make our country proud and let it reach the position, that it so very well deserves!

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