Your Career Is Not Only Yours! So Choose Carefully!


As soon as you reach college, there is a lot of pressure on you to work hard and build a career.

The most common advice people give is that think carefully, plan carefully, it’s your life, it’s your career!


It’s your life, it’s your career, but you’re not living in a jungle or in a cave that your actions won’t affect anyone. Everything you do, every action you take towards your career will make an impact on everything around you, today and in the future as well. Therefore you have to think carefully for sure, but not only about you, but also about those whom you have an impact upon directly or indirectly!

Let me share with you the list of people, who will get affected by your decisions:

1)   Family

First and foremost, your family is going to get affected by your decisions. Not that you have to take decisions as per their choices and demands, but do consider the fact that they would be spending on your education, they would be putting in energies along with you to make your dreams come true, so you think about all this before working on your career building! Your parents, friends and well-wishers will all somewhere or the other come in the picture when you’re walking up the stairs of your career! Ensure you don’t disappoint them or yourself!

2)   Office

You selected a particular field, studied hard and then joined a company. However, your heart is not into it! In this scenario, you will be letting down your colleagues, your organisation that would have spent money on your training, on your salary and if you won’t give it back to them on expected lines, all their efforts will go waste! Not to mention, the losses they would incur due to your inefficiencies, just because you don’t like what you’re doing!

3)   College/Institution

When you enter a college, you reserve a seat. That seat would mean lots to someone under-privileged or to someone who badly needed it, but lost out to you due to competition or any other factors. Take that seat only if you can do justice to it, otherwise make way for someone more deserving and who actually wants to make a difference using that opportunity! Build your career in the field you want to, not under pressure or as a show-off thing!

4)   Society

Yes, no matter what we tend to say that we don’t care about what the world thinks or says about us or our decisions, being social animals our decisions do impact society as a whole! Your failure in life will somewhere or the other send a message to others looking at your life with expectations! Someone younger to you who might be following your path might get confused or disappointed with your failure. At the same time, your success and growth will be an inspiration to a lot of youngsters and those trying to follow the same career path as you! It is like, everyone makes a difference, in their own manner; just ensure that your input is always positive!

5)   Nation

The nation spends on your education, the government offers subsidies for government college education; it provides a lot of sops so that students do get a chance at equal opportunities for studies and work. There might be shortcomings in the system, but there are a lot of success stories that used government resources and made a successful life. If you’re one of those, who are going to use such precious resources, ensure that you do justice to them and not waste it in your confused state of mind or half-hearted efforts!

Build a career that not only you can be proud of, but everyone in your life, directly and indirectly feel proud to be part of!

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