This Is The Hair Mask Shraddha Kapoor Use To Keep Them Healthy & Shiny!

Shraddha Kapoor Beauty Secrets – Shraddha Kapoor is a beautiful young women.

She is NOT just loved for her acting skills, but she is also loved for healthy & shiny hair. Like seriously, girls, have you ever looked at her tresses & said “what is the secret behind her hair?” You know what; I’ve done the same thing.

So today, let’s find out what she does to maintain her hair every day.

“Shraddha Kapoor uses homemade packs to maintain her hair. She prefers packs with hibiscus and Aloe Vera. In her words, “I use a hair pack made of aloe Vera, hibiscus leaves or flowers and curd. You need to mix aloe Vera juice or gel with the dried hibiscus leaves and curd and coat your hair with the mixture. Keep it on for 20 minutes, and rinse it off with water. The cooling and nourishing pack leaves your hair incredibly soft, smooth and shiny.” For many who have no idea, hibiscus is good when it comes to hair growth. There are many benefits of hibiscus as it prevents the breakage and treats issues like itchiness, strengthens roots as well. Plus Aloe Vera gel, like we all know is full of beneficial. Many use Aloe Vera gel for shiny, healthy, and beautiful hair. Aloe Vera’s high content of proteins & vitamins help it nurture your hair thoroughly.

Shraddha Kapoor also oils her hair twice a week, religiously. Oiling hair is important because it keeps hair from breaking. Once a while, the actress prefers deep tissue head massage. For Shraddha, your hair shouldn’t be shiny & strong from the outside, but one should also keep the roots of hair strong to keep them healthy.

Shraddha Kapoor Beauty Secrets: Now that’s the reason, Shraddha Kapoor’s hair are so lustrous & healthy.

(Source: BollywoodShaadis)

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