When Mallika found her Perfect Bachelor in Namo!

Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat sings Birthday song for Narendra Modi!

We all know Mallika Sherawat and her attention-seeking ways. At one point she claimed to be the sole representative of the Indian film industry in Hollywood and that too after doing a terrible movie like Hiss. She made such a hue and cry about acting in a Hollywood movie opposite Jackie Chan that for some time I actually believed that the lady has made her mark. But how wrong was I!

After lounging around in the LA, she even changed her Twitter handle to @MallikaLA to prove
that she indeed has turned western, the actress is back to being desi and is in fact participating
in the Indian version of the popular show ‘The Bachelorette’.

The show here is being called ‘The Bachelorette India- Mere Khayalon ki Mallika’ and will have thirty hunky, and I am assuming testosterone-filled male contestants, fighting it out to win the attention of Mallika Sherawat.

Despite having 30 varied options to choose from Mallika has gone a step further and declared Gujurat CM Narendra Modi as the Perfect Bachelor for her. Now technically Namo, as he is called  by his followers, isn’t unmarried. A woman named Jashodhaben Chimanlal Modi from the village  of Rajosana, Gujurat claims to be his wife and the two had a child marriage but never completed  the ceremony which takes place at the age of 17 in such cases. Since then Mr.Modi has lived as  a ‘bachelor’ and eventually have become a person of Mallika’s interest.

To show how highly she thinks of her perfect bachelor, Mallika even sang the birthday song on video
for Namo’s 63 watch it! for Namo’s 63rd birthday. If you haven’t yet seen the dedication, well then you like really have to watch it!

My first reaction after watching this video was, “What the hell?!” I know it is THE Mallika Sherawat we are talking about and such kind of things are expected out of her but really, such bad singing?

And what was with the fake accent? It just made her sound like a fake opera singer trying to shatter glass but only hurting the ears of the listeners. And what really was the need to put out such “special birthday wishes” on video? Need attention much?

The moment I watched this video I immediately thought of what the Birthday boy in question must have felt over such “louve” shown by Miss Hollywood herself. Would he have been touched by the gesture or just laughed it off like we all did? Not that I don’t get the PR machinery behind all this and how hard they’re trying to promote ‘The Bachelorette’ but my question is Dear Mallika, publicity ke liye kuch bhi karega? 



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