Dating guide: Is she the ONE?

You have been dating this girl for a while now, but is she the ONE? Let’s find out…

So, you have dated each other for a while now and you love spending time with her. You have also thought of a future with her and think she is pretty great. But is she the ONE? What qualities does your would-be need to have? Let’s find out…

Easy to be with:
If she is easygoing and comfortable doing things that you enjoy, she is probably a keeper. Her amicable nature will go a long way in your relationship and you can definitely visualize her as the mother of your children.

Loves you, not your money:
You should figured this one out before getting serious about her. There are girls who are so good at pretending to love you that you’d easily fall into their honey traps. If she likes your facny car more than you, time to say bye-bye to the lady.

Takes interest in your work:
She can be a feminist, a social worker who fights for women’s rights or even a high-flying corporate chick. But what’s important is for her to take interest in your work and what you do. She should respect your work and help you, if the need be.

Gels with your family:
It’s the family she will be coming to, so she needs to try to gel with them. There’s no way you can bring home a girl who hates your entire family that will just not make for a pleasant atmosphere at home.

Gives you freedom:
Nothing like a woman who lets you do your own stuff without interfering or nagging. She takes interest in your stuff, but it’s a healthy one and not the overbearing one. Being in love and all is great, but you need your space to pursue your dreams and wishes.

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