If It’s About Romance, It Has To Be Venice! The Valentine Destination!

The romantic destination Venice. There are many adjectives that come to one’s mind for Venice, such as quixotic, appealing, amorous, relaxing and amazing.

The love is splashed all over the air and the senses are dazed.

The season of love is coming alive with the Valentine’s Day approaching soon. We have the city of Venice, the ultimate valentine destination to offer, for that ultra romantic getaway with the love of your life.

Remember that beautifully picturised song from the Hindi movie “The Great Gambler”! Amitabh, Zeenat, Venice’s Grand Canal, Gondola Ride and “Do lafzon ki hai dil ki kahaani”…

Mesmerised? Are You?

Well, when one reaches Venice, they are sure to land in a surreal place. A place that renders magical and wonderful experiences for those who take a vacation to the highest levels of adventure, romance and recreation!

One of the Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, it is also one of the most peaceful cities in Europe too, for the incredible romance it has to offer to all the love birds.

There are many adjectives that come to one’s mind for Venice, such as quixotic, appealing, amorous, relaxing and amazing. The city keeps buzzing with all the thrill and happenings, yet, you would find no chaos here. Venice can be a bit overpriced, but when it comes down to it, there is nothing quite as romantic after a long Venetian dinner with your beloved. When you slide through the waters of Venice’s back canals in a Gondola guided by the expert oar of a gondolier, your holidays become no less than a trip to heaven.

Venetian Delights

In addition to the heavenly gondola ride, there are lots more thrilling options in Venice to see. There is St. Mark Square at the heart of the city and is a true architectural masterpiece, which looks incredibly amazing.

Cafes and shops buzz with activity around the famous Clock Tower, which stands at the lower end of the square. The Clock Tower is also part of the magnificent Basilica that stands in all its glory decorated with mosaics and grand artwork.

The Basilica is named after St Mark, whose remains were stolen, or recovered, depending on who you believe, from Alexandria over a thousand years ago. There are also examples of Roman work dating back to the 3rd century that were originally featured above the main portal.



The Doge’s Palace sits to the east of the main square and is one of the finest examples of Venetian Gothic architecture in the city. The doge once resided here when it was also the seat of government. The ostentatious appearance is evidence of the wealth and the power that the city once held in Europe. The palace also houses an excellent art collection that includes works by Tintoretto and Veronese.



The Galleria dell’Accademia is a wonderful art museum devoted to the artistic legacy of the Venetian masters and those hailing from the surrounding Veneto. The artwork dates from between the 14 and 18th centuries and is a fine collection that shows just how few changes the city has experienced over the centuries. Featured artists include Carpaccio, Titian, Bellini and Canaletto.



Canals, architecture and a magical air of romance! This is what Venice is all about and more.

Food, Oh Yes!

Venice is less known for its food, but the cuisine here is quite stimulating and varied and there is certainly more to Italian food than pasta and Parmesan. The gastronomic preparations in Venice could be described as a strange and interesting mixture of Spanish seafood, French preparation techniques, filling Baltic portions, and plenty of traditional, home grown dishes.

Risotto is hugely popular in Venice and the first dish that comes to mind is a regional specialty known as “Risi e Bisi,” a simple yet delicious dish of thick risotto cooked with chunks of pancetta and peas, all mixed together in a soup that will fill you nicely. This dish is found in most restaurants as it’s a Veneto speciality.



Original cuisine based on the local Venetian traditions can be found at Ca’ Sagredo. An elegant hotel that has an upmarket restaurant with adjoining bar, the bar flows on to a lovely Grand Canal terrace which is great for watching the gondolas glide by, with heavenly music playing at Lords and Ladies.


Venice for You!

This gorgeous city has much to offer those looking for an exciting and romantic weekend away. Apart from the museums and magnificent architectural sites, it is a great walking city, hand in hand, eyes in the eyes!

Spend some time exploring the back-streets, visiting the local markets and of course indulging in the wonderful food and wine on offer, for that romantic rendezvous, this valentine’s day!

Embark on a romantic journey right away! Because “Do lafzon ki hai dil ki kahaani…”

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