5 Signs You Are Dating The Wrong Guy!


You love him but aren’t sure if he is the one for you.

You are doubtful if he is really the right guy for you or if you’re you dating the wrong guy? Sometimes if you think something is not right, you must follow your instincts. It is not very tough to decide if you are dating the wrong guy or not.

Let’s take a look at some of the warning signs you are dating the wrong guy.

He doesn’t let you express

When you are sad or feeling lonely, you need someone to share your emotions but if your partner is never bothered about your feeling or emotions, it simply mean he doesn’t care. He is never there to listen to you or if you are sharing something, he would just be bothered about other things than your mood. You need to make a choice. If you can’t even share your sadness or thoughts with your partner, how will you share your life? Give it a thought!

He makes you feel unworthy

If a guy truly loves you, he will never disrespect you or your abilities. Respect and trust is very much important in a relationship and if any one of these isn’t there, it’s not worth it. If your partner doesn’t know your worth, be wise to know your worth and move out of that relation. I know it’s never easy to move on but remember if he doesn’t respect your existence in his life, you’re just wasting your time and energy being with him.

He makes you feel suffocated

Do you feel emotionally or mentally drained when you’re with him? Or do you feel suffocated since the time you guys are dating? Girl if he makes you feel suffocated, trust me he doesn’t deserve you in his life. If being in a relationship makes you feel like you’re trapped or in a cage, then there is something going totally wrong in your relationship. This is one of the most horrible feeling. True love will never make you feel that way so you need to find someone who lets you speak or lets you do things you want and respect your choices rather than forcing his choices on you.

He gets extremely angry during tough conversations

Everything is not rosy when you’re in love. There’s bound to be arguments and fights but not to a point that you don’t even feel like discussing things with your partner. There are always some issues that needs to be addressed in a relationship if you see your future with your partner, but if difficult conversation leaves him angry every time, then again there’s a problem. There has to be some understanding that make it easy for you to talk about anything and everything in your relationship but if it’s vice versa, you are with a wrong guy.

He doesn’t fit in your future plans

You gotta admit it honestly to yourself, if you can’t even imagine him in your future, then there’s no way he is the one for you. You love him but you find it difficult that you can stay with him forever. You don’t have to compromise with your life and end up being with someone who isn’t good for you. So if he isn’t a part of your future plan, just drop him.

If you smile less and cry more being with him, then you’re definitely dating a wrong guy.

You enter into a relationship to share your happiness, sadness, and to feel loved and to love but if you feel lonely even when you’re in a relationship, then there is no point being in a meaningless relationship.

Love yourself enough to move out of a relationship if you don’t feel loved or respected.

Breaking relationship is tough but there are some decisions that has to be taken for your sanity and for your own betterment.

Be wise to choose who deserves to be in your life and who don’t.

So how many of these signs you see in your partner?

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