Tendulkar figures time and again in Cameron’s comments

British Prime Minister David Cameron expressed his admiration for the Indian batting great during his visit to India

Batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar, now playing his farewell Test match in Mumbai, repeatedly figured in British Prime Minister David Cameron’s comments during his brief visit to the city on Thursday.

Participating in an interactive session with students of the Indian Institute of Management-Calcutta, Cameron mentioned the cricketing legend in his introductory speech.

“It is the right time to be in India. The little master is going to bat in his final Test for India,” he said.

“But of course, I am a supporter of the English team. I will be quite relieved when he is playing no more,” Cameron said tongue-in-cheek.

Later, referring to a query from a student, Cameron again joked: “Because Sachin’s mother-in-law is British, his children could play for England.”

Cameron expressed his admiration for the Indian batting great. “He is great, there can be no doubts on that.”

Earlier in the day, Cameron had sent a gift for Tendulkar.






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