The Amount OF Money Virat Kohli Earns Per Post On Instagram Will Astonished You!

Money Virat Kohli Earns

Money Virat Kohli Earns – It is a known FACT that celebrities earn money through Instagram as well. You know, they post pictures t0 promote brands etc. Do you think they do it for free? Absolutely NOT. Let me tell you, they make a lot of money. Remember, we had discussed how Kardashians make money through Instagram post? Guess what?

They’re not the only one making money out there. It seems, the more your Followers, the more big deal you are.

For us, Instagram is just like any other app. We post pictures, then our FRIENDS like it, some even leave comments and that’s it, the story ends. But, celebs have it another way i.e. they post pictures and with every like, you help them make money. Celebrities actually get paid by brands for posting their product on Instagram.

It is a smart online marketing tool.

Whenever a celeb post pictures, FANS are obviously excited to know what it is. It is a smart way of advertisement that brands use through celebs.

Now talking about Virat Kohli, please get ready to be surprised.

Virat is looking good in this one, agree?

With every single post, Virat Kohli earns 3.2 Crore. I repeat, 3.2 Crore. Virat Kohli has total 16 Million Followers on Instagram. Until now, his “sponsor branded posts” are 62. According to Forbes, he is the only highest paid Indian athlete who makes so much money per post. So the next time he uploads any picture promoting a brand, do remember the money he’s getting for doing that.

Money Virat Kohli Earns : Isn’t that amazing? Earning money per post can actually make you rich. Virat Kohli is totally taking advantage and is making money.

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