5 Hilarious Reasons Why ICC Chairman N Srinivasan Is NOT Interfering Into Anderson-Jadeja Case

Cricket can be termed as the ‘˜gentleman’s game’ but try telling that to these folks ‘“ England’s James Anderson and India’s Ravindra Jadeja.

Cricket can be termed as the ‘gentleman’s game’ but try telling that to these folks – England’s James Anderson and India’s Ravindra Jadeja.

And to spice it up a bit, MS Dhoni too got involved in the ugly fracas. It all started when both the teams were returning for lunch on Day 2 of the first Test at Nottingham where Anderson sledged at Jadeja.

In turn, the Indian management lodged a protest against Andrerson’s behaviour to the ICC. The Cricket’s governing body appointed a judicial commissioner to solve the issue and stated that both the cricketers were found ‘not guilty’.

India was left red-faced even though the chairman of the ICC is the former BCCI honcho. So why did N Srinivasan not interfere into the matters?

Why has he shut his mouth? Dhoni and Srini share a great ‘rapport’ and still, the latter refused to intervene in the matters.

So you really want to know as to why N Srinivasan did NOT interfere into this scandal? Here’s why:

1 – India Cements might go bankrupt!
The 3rd largest cement company in India, India Cements is heading up under the leadership of N Srinivasan and their Vice-President, MS Dhoni (raises eyebrows). Just take this, if Srini does intervene and if the result does not end up in India’s favour, there’s going to be a severe backlash back home. The brand value might get affected and moreover, it might end up being bankrupt!

2 – Facing the probability of ‘media hubby’ Arnab Goswami
So what if Srini ends up giving the clean chit to James Anderson? Well, expect the Indian media to go bonkers on this topic with the skipper, Arnab Goswami in the scheme of things. The Times Now editor might have his way and could tear apart the former BCCI chief in his usual statement, “the nation wants to know“. Thus, Srinivasan might want to save his a#$ from the Arnab ‘hotseat’ and spend a cool evening in London.

3 – Jayalalithaa might not permit Srinivasan in Chennai
Look at this fact, Srinivasan ‘hurts’ India’s sentiments, which in turn is lauded by Sri Lanka and then, Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa derogates it. Tamil Nadu CM does not encourage any Sri Lankan sentiment that includes even the smallest of all – a greet. The ICC Chief might just end up facing the ire of the Tamil Nadu government and in turn, the latter might shun him completely from the state. So to avoid all the fracas, Srinivasan might have avoided the latest row of Anderson and Jadeja.

4 – Bookies’ ‘soft’ corner
Enter the bookies! Srinivasan eludes India a ‘victory’ in the cricket scandal and in turn, the bookies’ sprung into action. An unrest in Dubai follows with the ‘Bhai’ calling for Srini’s head! Eeks, may be the bookies wouldn’t want the ICC Chief to hog the limelight. Thus, to avoid such a scenario, Srini doesn’t want to get in a mess with the ‘D-Gang’ and spend some quality time at the ICC Bar.

5 – Yo Yo Honey Singh’s song plans
Last but not the least, everybody knows the very own Bollywood rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh and his ‘topical’ songs. Just imagine Honey Singh including Srini in one of his foot tapping song that goes viral at the moment of release. ‘Chennai Express’ might have been a massive hit but N. Srinivasan would not want another ‘Lungi dance’ or would he!

N Srinivasan is clearly not amongst the scheme of things as far as the Jadeja-Anderson saga is concerned and with the above reasons in mind, the former literally doesn’t plan to either!

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