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Problems of local train travellers – Reaching office on time becomes a Herculean task. Starting with that annoying alarm clock, if snoozed then the entire day’s schedule goes for a toss.

Reaching office in the morning for every long distance commuter becomes a severe travel expedition altogether.



Starting with that annoying alarm clock, if snoozed then the entire day’s schedule goes for a toss.

The train timing is so wonderful that by chance if a train is missed then the lecture in the boss’s cabin would start ringing in the ears.

Hence the entire act of getting ready for office happens in the most fast forward motion possible.

This act of time management seems to be a Herculean task as the train needs to be caught at the right time.

Now comes the part of waiting for the train.

For some reason if you are late on a particular day then there is this strange cosmic connection with the Railway Dept. that even the trains would be running late on that day.

Finally the train arrives. Now comes the most crucial part of the entire travel adventure.

Boarding the train is no different than a Rohit Shetty film. In fact you need to master the skillsets of every actor possible right from SRK to even Rajnikant. All these are extremely important qualities to master the art of boarding the crowded train.

Sometimes you would also experience weird display of martial arts by some co-passengers while boarding the train. To sustain that is a tremendous skill acquired by years of experience of regular train commuting.

Changing to the fast train to reach faster. As you are late you think of still managing on time to the office by changing the train from Bandra to a fast train. Now this is an epic decision indeed.

The locals are known to betray the expectations of people. Imagine that moment where you are waiting for the fast train and you see the slow train for Borivli coming on platform 1. You are still happily smiling as your fast train is coming soon on the indicator.

Brilliant news shatters your happiness.

The fast trains are running late. Your entire effort and stress to make it on time falls flat and you start cursing that alarm clock manufacturer to keep the option of snoozing.

The plight of the long distance commuters are never understood by the bosses.

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