Someone Invented This Craziest Motorcycle Swing Attached To A Crane (When He Was Drunk)

Crazy Invention

Crazy Invention  – Yes, who would’ve thought that someone will really invent such thing as – Motorcycle-swing-on-a-crane? Seriously, there was certainly something wrong with the inventor for sure. But, even though it seems something made out of madness, one has to admit that the ride looks insanely amazing.

Okay, you know when I said there must be something wrong with inventor? Well, the reality is there were “inventors” who were absolutely DRUNK during creating this idea. Well, now I believe, people are right when they say “Anything can happen when you’re drunk and dumb”. So, these inventors in their drunken situation decided to attach a motorbike to a giant man-swing.

Take a look; this is how the crazy invention looks like.

Crazy Inventions

Seems interesting, right? Would you dare to get on it?

So, the Dutch man and his friends came up with this craziest yet amazing idea and they quickly tied the motorcycle onto a crane and swings from both the sides outside a house. Well, it isn’t clear where the place is, but anyways, the invention is killer. (Oh, I didn’t mean that kill-er) I hope you get it.

Guys and girls, I can only imagine that a person who is highly drunk can either act mad, send wrong text messages, call somebody up and abuse, or just reveal their dirty little secrets. But, someone who can do this while drinking is mind-blowing.

The crazy inventor is super-proud of his crazy invention though.

Here’s the short clip shared by the inventors.

I can’t stop watching it– Hehe! I know that the video is short, so it’s probably hard to find out how to actually get down, so let’s keep guessing it that it keeps swinging until one loses it’s energy. And, although it looks like a complete disaster waiting to happen, the idea is absolutely crazy and hilarious.

Aren’t you impressed with this crazy invention? And, what do you think, is it safe or not? Let us know about it in the comment section below.

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