Your Sex Problems In Newspapers Are Spicy Entertainment For Others!

sex problems

“I always think of sex! Please help!”

“My husband doesn’t satisfy me, what should I do?”

I can’t hold for more than 30 seconds? Am I normal?

“Is masturbation good for health?”

Well, does it all look familiar?

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking.

The moment anything or anyone talks about sex, the antennas of our attention are ready to receive the signals. Even better if all those sex related queries and problems are solved on a daily basis and offered to you on a platter in the comfort of your bed! Who can deny such pleasures?

In fact, these types of questions and many more of such kinds, in great graphic and intricate details are published on a daily basis in major newspaper sections under the agony aunt columns. The best part is that they have a great following too! That’s the reason they are being published day after day, year after year, despite everybody taking a hypocritical stand of not talking about sex in public!

For all those who take such a double-faced position, Breaking News: Newspapers are for public consumption!

Now you don’t have to tell us whether you read them discreetly or openly, but we know that you do read them! As a fact of the matter, almost everyone who reads newspapers reads them and it’s one of the spiciest of columns one looks forward to follow. The kind of problems mentioned makes one roll on the floor laughing really hard! You know, who can have such kind of weird sexual problems?

No one knows how real the contributions to these columns are. It is a thing to wonder if someone really takes time out to sit and write such intimate problems and want the whole world to read about it. Agreed that it is mostly anonymous and no one knows the real identity, but it is actually weird to think that these are genuine contributions. But in a sex-starved country as ours where there is hardly any discussion on sex from an educational point of view, such columns are bound to generate curiosity and mass following. At least the experts who give advice are genuine and professionals which is a relief.

The newspaper companies earn out of common man’s sexual miseries and the readers have some free entertainment! This is indeed a win-win situation, except for those who discreetly post their queries with the hope that their sex-lives will improve. After all it must not be easy for them to go and see a sex-therapist in reality due to social stigma and prohibitive costs!

Well, sex-life is important for an otherwise completely healthy life. Better to get issues sorted in public rather than sulk in private and be devoid of one of the most pleasurable acts of nature!

For those anonymous writers, keep seeking help for your sex problems ! For readers, enjoy the fun!

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