93 Farmer Suicides In 45 Days But How Many Would Pass The Eligibility Test?

Farmer suicides in Maharashtra

The Govt. rules never failed to baffle people. It doesn’t matter how serious the issue at hand is but what matters more is the scope of the issue to fall under the genuine category.

How is that done? Well there are series of rules and guidelines that the issue needs to suffice for it to be considered worthy of Govt. help.

Farmer suicide cases due to the vicious cycle of unfavorable weather and lack of compensation from Govt. for damaged crops had been in the news since several years.

There was a recent report of 93 farmer suicide cases in 45 days from the Marathwada region.

But how many of them would pass the eligibility test is the bigger question.

The suicide cases need to fulfill all the criteria for them to be considered eligible for compensation.

Over the last four years as per reports, half of the cases aren’t considered eligible suicide cases. Yes as funny as it sounds, sadly this is the harsh reality of our country. The rules and regulations are nothing but a big joke that nullifies the gravity of the serious issues at hand.

The criteria laid for the eligible suicide case range from possession of land, loan taken from either nationalized or co-operative banks and loan from registered money lenders is also considered.

What if the farmer hasn’t taken a bank loan? Is the severity of his situation any different than the others?

You invest in the crops but the weather plays a spoilsport. Where can you expect the damage control from?

Agriculture is the backbone of our country. We boast about our rural desi flavors but fail to recognize the issues of the people sweating it out each day to keep the desi flavor alive.

The occupation of farming deserves serious attention and it is high time that the Govt. revamps the rules. These growing number of suicide cases are only going to deprive India of the youth wanting to take farming as a profession.

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