These Are The 7 Worst Professions In India Right Now! Are You Ready To Be In One Of These?


Everyone wants to be employed, but if you don’t study hard or don’t play your cards right, you might end up slogging in a job that will make your life hell even if it will help you pay your bills.

Let’s share with you the 7 worst professions you can be a part of, out of compulsion or poor future planning!

1) Manual Scavengers

Manual scavenging is one of the worst jobs to be in! And yes, even though it is one of the most insulting, humiliating jobs ever, it still exists in various states in northern India and people have to do it in absence of any other job of dignity! Trust us, even eating food or breathing becomes difficult after cleaning shit of others from their dry toilets, everyday of your life!

2) Sewer Diving

Cleaning clogged sewers is not a difficult job, but one of the filthiest of all. As per written rules, protective gear as well as proper measures have to be taken before jumping in a sewer to clean it, but we all are used to watching barely covered humans diving in a sewer and cleaning it up so that rest of the population can carry on with their shitty business! Money isn’t great, but then helps to survive at least!

3) Telemarketing

You can relate to it right? These people call you day in day out trying to sell something and in return most of them get abuses, rude behavior and filthy language to deal with! Yet this telemarketer brigade goes on with its business in hope of earning their commission and decent salaries. Do you ever want to be in your shoes where in you have to get abused all day long by strangers?

4) Customer Care Executives

These guys might not be selling you anything, but the moment your smartphone has some problem or the a/c in your bedroom doesn’t work properly, you have to speak with these people. Even though it is not their fault and they are trying to help you by being extremely polite, all they get in return is again, filthy language, abuses and insults! Well, money makes people do weird things, even become customer care executives!

5) Maids

Did you ever notice the petite, hardened by life lady making up your bed after you cruise off to work or college? Or the short scared guy cooking your favourite dishes as and when you demand? Yes, these are the housemaids or housekeepers who have to do this thankless job with one of the least salaries for any professions. The irony is that it is not even considered a profession by the rule makers so this work force is not even entitled to pension or post retirement benefits! But hey, retirement of a maid? Ever heard that before?

6) Hospital Staff

No, this is not about the usual doctor-nurse staff, but people who are allotted the job of cleaning the hospitals, bathing and scrubbing the patients and carrying their shit away! A doctor’s job is like of a glamourous film star compared to this staff!

7) Police Constables

Hindi movies might make police officers look larger than life at times, but the reality is that the actual field staffs, the constables have a life worst than your worst nightmares! At meager salaries, sometimes they have to work 72 hours non-stop without blinking an eyelid and on top of it they have to ensure safety and security of everyone around them! Putting life and health at stake these guys are doing an extremely difficult job with no appreciation!

In case you don’t want to end up in either of such jobs, guys focus on your studies and work on your skill sets to grow in life. Otherwise, money to survive can be made working these crazy jobs as well!

Your life, your decision!

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