5 Travel Food Shows We Could Watch In A Loop!

Food and Travel make for an interesting watch at any given time of the day. We list down 5 shows we feel should never go off air!

With sitcoms and soap operas hogging the prime time, infotainment shows are god sent. Travel, food, fashion or any such feature shows are not just aspirational but are also a great watch. They tell you about new avenues in the subject matter and build a dreamy picture of the otherwise gloomy world. Recent trend has seen a rise in the number of shows that are focused on travel and food. More than liking the content, I believe it is the sublime urge to at that destination eating that food is what makes these shows such a hit. If I were to switch lives with the hosts of one of these travel shows, my top five picks would be…

Man Vs Food with Adam Richman


If Man Vs Wild was nerve cracking, Man Vs Food definitely gets my belly growling. If I were to work for free, Adam Richman’s job is what it would take (it is not just me, most people think this way). He travels across America and gorges at famous restaurants. The highlight of the show has always been him taking the ‘big food’ challenge. Apart from being engaging, this show gets my appetite working. Who cares about weight anyway!

World’s Weirdest Restaurants with Bob Blumer


This show at times can leave you grossed out but just one off episodes. The series hosted by Bob Blumer shows him travel around the world eating at unusual thematic restaurants. Eating with your pet, eating curry off a toilet seat or eating under the fear of getting chopped; man that must be insane amount of fun. Hey Bob, want to switch jobs? Get some rest bro!

Travelling Diva with Ritu Dalmia 


Celebrity chef and restaurateur Ritu Dalmia, live a life that very woman wants. On her show she is seen globe-trotting across the world, sampling street-food, local meals and even dining at fine dine restaurants. Her energy is infectious, her enthusiasm is evident hence her show is an absolute hit! Why can’t my life be more like hers? WHY!

Chakh le India with Aditya Bal! 


As the name suggest, this show makes sure that it gives you a taste of rich Indian cuisine. The show has Aditya travel to various parts of the country, talking to people from various food groups, dining with them or even cooking in their kitchens. I love the way there is always a take home recipe for the viewers’ towards the end of the show. What more can a food fanatic ask for!

The Twist of taste with
Vikas Khanna


The sexy chef Vikas Khanna travels across the coast line of India to uncover the traditional recipes from the region. He travels from Kochi to Kanyakumari, Goa to Manglore and around. He walks across the market area, talking to the locals and blending into the culture. The show has whole lot of hotness (thanks to Vikas) and coastal beauty of the country! Worth a walk on the beach, isn’t it?

That was my list! Which is your favourite trave-food show? 

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