5 Ways To Co-operate Working With Someone You Dislike At A Workplace!

Working with someone you dislike

“Working with someone you dislike is a major task”

In a work environment, all employees have to work together for company’s growth.

And, every workplace includes people you love working with and on the other side there are few co-workers or say the only one who you can’t even imagine working with.

Be it individuality of work; at some point of time all the employees have to come together to work on a certain project professionally.

Well, if you don’t want your career to be at risk; you certainly need to let go the negativity.

The next time you are put into a task to work with the co-worker you dislike; make sure you take it as a challenge.

Ways- Working with someone you dislike at a workplace:-

  1. Remember the Project comes first

Before you start anything up; make it inside your head that the given project comes first rather than your fights and dislike. So, before messing up the work; look forward to how the project can be done creatively and with full commitment.

  1. Focus on task and not on your co-workers actions

You definitely need to note this point. It’s quite obvious that you’ll notice co-workers behavior a lot but still shift your focus and think about the objective of the project. Even if the co-worker tries to pull you down; act smartly and don’t care.

  1. Share and accept opinions

If you’re working together; share your idea and make sure to accept the idea which is coming from the co-worker you dislike. Only because of your disliking factor, don’t indulge into putting the co-workers idea in waste. I mean, who knows that idea just might work for betterment.

  1. Talk it out smoothly

Obviously the co-worker must be good at something he works and if your projects demands that something then make a move to ask for a little help for it.

A small move might help you both understand your relationship a little better.

  1. Be polite

Yes, being polite equally matters a lot. Don’t ignore when the co-worker comes with an opinion instead communicate with that person. If you feel an idea is not working; try and explain why you feel so; it’ll help grow a working relationship for a good result.

These reasons were the guide on working with someone you dislike.

Any thoughts?


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