5 Ways To Appreciate Your Employees And Increase Productivity In Your Organization

Here are a few cost effective ways you could use to thank your employees.

Imagine going to work day in and day out and never hearing a thank-you or you-did-a-great-job-today. Fortunately or rather unfortunately more than half of you wouldn’t have to imagine it, as you’d have already experienced it. Employee recognition appears to be on a decline these days.

According to a survey done by a global provider of employee recognition solutions, more than fifty percent of survey respondents said that they would leave their jobs for a company that clearly recognised their efforts for employees. You may or may not be particularly worried about people looking for other jobs in a competitive job economy depending on the brand span of your organization. However, it is always good to remember that your organization is where it is because of the employees, which is why you shouldn’t fail to thank them once in a while. Here are a few cost effective ways you could use to thank your employees. Read on!

1. “Thank You”

It won’t harm your esteem to thank your employee for doing something that proved more than good for the organization. After all the effort he/she put in is worthy of your gratitude. Thank the employee in a non formal if not formal tone so as to not make him/her feel bad about the success. Sending in a ‘thank you’ note does not only mention a particular achievement, but also explains why was it so important for the company.

2. Time for projects

It was only recently when Google gave its engineers one day a week to work on a project of their own choice. If one day a week affects your output, you need not go that far, but allow them at least one day a month to work on their preferred projects, even though it includes volunteering or community work. If possible, join them.

3. Opportunities

Finding opportunities for your employees is a great way to show that you’ve got their backs. From the fun to holding events in your office to a career boosting meeting, offer your employees things that will help them grow and stabilise.

4. Treat and perks

Treating your employees is kind of obvious, but it’s the oldest trick in the book. Surprise everyone with some mid-afternoon snacks or order lunch for your team during the happy hours and make sure that they realise you’re footing the bill. If the project is a success, do not forget to give the mastermind employee, some perk to cherish.

5. Break rules when they demand

Treating employees equally is at times not fair, as every employee’s contribution is not the same. Even if you’re not allowed to do something in the favour of the employee at the moment, taking a decision in the favour of the employee will not only inspire him, but will also inspire him to work more efficiently.

Thanking employees for their contribution is something that can be easily done and doesn’t require a whole bucket of cash. It just requires the desire to be the kind of boss you wished you had either now or at some point in your life. Nothing can boost your employees’ morale more than your gratitude.

Happy employee, more productivity, happy organization!

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