Cars That Failed To Create A Mark With The Buyers

We here bring a list of cars which could not meet the expectations of prospective buyers mainly due to small glitches from the side of the auto manufacturer.

There are a horde of car launches scheduled for the last quarter of this year.

The fate of these cars would depend on a host of factors, including performance, price, brand image, and more.

Car manufacturers take utmost care to strike the right chord with their customers. They adopt aggressive strategies to sell cars and attract prospective buyers. Irrespective of these efforts, some cars do well with the users, while others do not. Not all cars are a success. Some cars fail to appeal the masses, but this does not necessarily mean that these cars were complete disasters.

Some of these had major flaws, others got wiped out due to competition from other brands. Also, some of the cars were simply unlucky and could not create the right mark. We bring for our readers cars that users did not welcome with open arms.

1)      Fiat Uno:

Lack of market research was a key factor for the failure of Fiat Uno in India. The company could not reach out to its customers and the supply of the car was very low as compared to the demand in the Indian auto market.

2)      Fiat Petra:

Fiat lacks advertising skills as compared to the other brands. This car suffered due to this weakness of the Italian car manufacturer.

3)      Maruti Astar and Maruti Estilo:

These two cars were among the worst performers from the house of Maruti. They could not withstand competition from their peers. However, Maruti Celerio which replaced these cars is a big hit.

4)      Mitsubishi Cedia:

This car is a good value for money, but Mitsubishi marketing strategies and poor advertising were the main causes behind the failure of this car.

5)      Ford Fusion:

The Ford fusion was a great product and it received rave reviews from its users. But, somehow for some unknown reason it could not generate the desired sales and Ford discontinued its production within 4 years of its launch.

6)      Maruti Suzuki Baleno:

Unimpressive and dim interiors were the main reasons due to which this car could not entice its customers.

7)      Mahindra Logan:

This car was not a total failure. It was more popular in the cab segment than the self-driven sector.

8)      Tata Nano:

Nano could not meet the expectations of Tata, as well as its prospective customers. The first version of the car was economical, but the basic amenities were missing. It just did not click with its customers. Though, Tata has now made a few modifications to lure customers.

9)      Chevrolet SRV:

This high-priced car could not impress the budget-conscious Indian. Its price was its main disadvantage.

The car manufacturers and car buyers had great hopes attached to the above-mentioned cars. Small aberrations led to their failures. In fact, these small blunders deprived users from some good cars too.

We can only hope that manufacturers learn from these mistakes and do not reiterate them. We hope all the upcoming cars are a good worth for money and a great success too!

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