What not to write in your resume

Make your resume free of these cardinal mistakes to ensure it doesn’t land in the dustbin…

While getting a job is the first thing on your mind once you complete your education, your resume should be free of all these cardinal mistakes to ensure that it doesn’t land in the dustbin…

  1. Don’t label your resume as Resume and instead put your name there. The moment your employer picks up your resume, your name should be the first thing to make a contact with him, because he/she is most likely to remember that. If you put ‘Resume’ as the subject, there are chances that it may just annoy the employer.
  2. High School and Low Graduation Marks: Seriously, nobody is interested in knowing how much you scored in your 10th and 12th standards, until you were the city or state topper. Graduation marks may make a difference if they are worth telling, or you can just include the division, if absolutely necessary. Avoid putting low grades and GPAs at all costs.
  3. Too much personal detail: You need to make a conscious effort to not let your resume sound more like a biodata for marriage proposals. Nobody is interested in knowing your height, weight, political orientation, religion and details of your parents. Just keep it to your name, date of birth, email id and address.
  4. Irrelevant achievement: It may be the best memory from your college days when you won the dance or speech competition, or when you were selected as the captain of your kho-kho or basketball team. But, if you put these as your achievements in the resume, they won’t land you anywhere and only irritate the employer.
  5. Bad grammar and uselessly tough words: If you think you are not a pro at grammar, get your resume thoroughly checked by someone who is. Resumes with bad grammar or strangely constructed sentences only land in the dustbins, before doing a round across the office just for the sake of a good laughter at your expense.
  6. Obscure email ids: We all have had those embarrassing email ids which we wouldn’t want to accept in public. It’s all fine until you pass out of college. But, when you apply for a job have a professional sounding id, with your name, and not anything remotely obscure or funny.
  7. Fancy fonts: Comic Sans is not the font for writing resumes, which are also not your scribbling or colouring books where you highlight text with bright colours. Keep it plain, readable and simple, and free from any jing bang.

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