These Excuses To Remain Absent From Work Are So Solid That Your Manager Won’t Dare To Question You

Here are some of the tried and tested excuses to help you fabricate the perfect story for playing hooky from work. Read on!

It’s a beautiful day and you just don’t feel like getting ready for work.

Whether that’s because you really have an issue that requires your presence or you feel like sitting back and playing video games at home all day, it doesn’t really matter much. All you need is the perfect excuse to remain absent from work. Here are some of the tried and tested excuses to help you fabricate the perfect story for playing hooky from work. Read on!

1. I got an upset stomach

Even if he wanted to the boss wouldn’t really question you about it. It’s better for others and him at least, if you stayed at home. After all no boss would want to know the limits of an upset stomach.

2. I have a severe headache

Now if you come to work with a severe headache, there are chances that others might develop a headache too. No, it’s not contagious but you’ll definitely give them a hard time when discussing about things.

3. In-laws are visiting me

The best thing a married person can come up with. In case your boss is married as well, he/she is totally going to understand and if not, you wouldn’t be questioned about something that your manager is not experienced in. (wink)

4. My pet died

While most of the times, this excuse is actually true, it tends to get used as much by people who don’t even have a pet. Yet, bosses can’t really question a grieving employee.

5. I got a family emergency

Not only does this put your boss in an odd situation, but also restricts him or her for further enquiry, because you obviously don’t want to share your emergency. But you want the boss to know the intensity of the emergency.

6. I got a girl problem

We call it the ‘ultimate’excuse for girls. Not just your boss, even the CEO of the company cannot dare to question you once you’ve let out that it’s a girl problem.

7. I fell in the shower

Showers definitely are slippery placers where slipping is very common. It is absolutely probable that you might have hurt yourself when you slipped in the shower.

8. I need to attend my kid’s PT meeting

You’re married and have a child as well. This is the only time you get to meet the school faculty to talk about your child’s performance. Now who would reason with you when it comes to that?

9. It’s raining heavily, can’t commute

Now who likes travelling when it’s raining cats and dogs. That there is no means of commuting is cent percent true.

10. I think I have bird flu

Really? Bird flu? Well, all thanks to the media. The fear of bird flu still holds so strong that is it bound to give you an unquestioned time off, for an unlimited time.

11. My jeans tore on the way

You boss is totally going to sympathize with you for this genuine reason of yours. It was a bright sunny day. You were all happy, looking forward to come to work. But fate had something else in my mind and your jeans got rigged. Can’t really help it.

12. I am suffering from conjunctivitis

Contagious, spreads from even looking in the infected eye. Nope, you better stay at home and come only when it is totally healed.

Hope we have helped you with valid reasons to come up with, when you feel lazy to go to work, especially when you are asked to work even on weekends. Let them understand that you need time for yourself and that you can’t just slog all the time.

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