10 English Phrases You Will Hear Only In India


Humans have the ability to behave in a certain way which is unique in the world.

Talking about language, Indians do mess it up in some way or the other.

Some people also use English to show their modernism without realizing they are being mocked at. Some English phrases however are bound to have you in situations of LOL and LMAO.

Have a look at the weirdest ones.

  1. Good Name – Have you heard this common phrase ‘What is your Good Name?’ Is there any name which is bad? Every name is nice in its own way. The question should be rephrased as -What is your name? Just to sound nice and modern this phrase is commonly used by Indians. 
  1. Red Pen of Any Color – This phrase ‘Give me a Red Pen of Any Color’ is not very common but has been used by some schools by their sports teachers. Do you want red or any color? This is a LOL question and is still remembered by students who studies on those schools.
  1. Open Window, Let Atmosphere Come In – Atmosphere or Air? Oops, the atmosphere is too small to fit into a window. This is another phrase heard by Indians though not very common.
  1. Passed Out – ‘I passed out in the year 2006’. Passed out originally means to faint or collapse in British terms. However, for Indians, it means to graduate. See how one phrase can have different meanings.
  1. Two Daughters, Both Girls – Really? We thought one of them is a boy. This is another not-so-commonly used phrase by a few people who try to show off their language. The phrase used is I have two daughters, both are girls.
  1. Gymming – Have you been gymming? This is a very popular Hinglish term used in India. Can’t someone just say working out? Apart from being Indianism, it is an incorrect use of the word.
  1. Shifting, living there only – Don’t shifting and living there only mean the same? To our knowledge they do. Alternatively, one can use moving in place of the two mentioned. We were assuming you will shift to Mumbai but live in Delhi.
  1. Sleep is Coming – I’m going to sleep, sleep is coming. Does this phrase need an explanation? Yes, you can laugh out loud.
  1. Until and Unless – I will not go with you until and unless you finish your work. Most of the Indians use these two terms together. However, the two mean the same so either of the terms can suffice.
  1. Call Parents, Mother and Father – ‘Call your parents, especially your mother and father?’ Can my mother’s sister’s uncle come? This would not have been heard by many of you, however, it exists among Indians aspiring to become British but fail to communicate effectively.

So, now until and unless you open the window the atmosphere cannot come in and if sleep is coming you may laugh out loud.

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