Pursuing A Career In Medical Coding And Billing Industry

Medical coding and billing is very crucial in the healthcare industry. Here are a few important things to know if you wish to pursue medical coding and billing. Read on!

Medical coding and billing is considered very crucial in healthcare industry. It’s a process for using medical codes to record and bill medical diagnoses and procedures. Medical coding systems helps in removing ambiguity, observed in medical recordkeeping and makes it easier to store and protect medical records of the patients.

One of the advances in Business Process Outsourcing  industry, medical coding and billing has emerged as one of the attractive and successful careers, which probably has a good amount of deficit of talent in the sector. The demand for a medical coding and billing specialist has increased exponentially in the past few years. Certified medical coders are in demand across the globe, especially in U.S.,Middle east and in India. Here are a few important things to know if you wish to pursue medical coding and billing. Read on!

The work of a medical coder

It takes a good deal of education and training to become a skilled medical coder. To begin with, people who undergo training in medical coding or billing should possess a thorough knowledge of anatomy and the medical terminologies. Alongwith this, it is also imperative that the coders be familiar with different types of insurance plans, regulations, compliance and the codes used within the community.

For every service level available in a hospital or medical organisation, codes are assigned to record the procedures performed and to account for supplies used to treat the patient during visit to the physician.

How different is medical coding from medical billing

A medical coder and a medical biller are pretty much the same. However their prior work differs a lot. While the medical coder and medical biller may work together and sound like the same job profile, the coder’s primary responsibility is to abstract and assign appropriate coding on claims, insurances and other documents. The responsibilty of a biller is to keep note of the claims, insurances, medical bills, counsultaion charges and everything related to a billing procedure.

Education and training required to be a medical coder

To pursue a career in medical coding, you are required to undergo training and acquire a certification in medical coding or a professional medical coder permit that has validity in any part of the world. While a majority of coding professionals believe that having a bachelors or masters degree helps them establish their career in a better way, neither is a must-have in this field. What is required is a solid understanding of anatomy, medical terminologies and a good knowledge of codes.

Online study is a good option for starting your career in this field. Online courses are available in medical billing, transcription and coding using various systems.


Medical Coding Industry has met the cutting edge of information technology which has opened several channels towards placements in the healthcare field. Medical billing and coding professionals work in every medical office, clinic, hospital and insurance firm, or work from home, making relevant contributions towards the delivery of quality healthcare. As the course does not require any specific degree, candidate of any age, any job profile or any interest can take up the job very easily. All you’re required to do is to have certification, which can very well be obtained via online study.

Medical coding also offers a work from home module; which is why it has proved to be a big platform for those women who cannot step out for work. Housewives, elderly people, the ones that lie in the not-very-educated category can benefit from this as this work profile gives you the flexibility of working hours and you can take care of other things very well at the same time.


Medical coding and billing is an upcoming sector that provides opportunites to women who prefer to stay back at home and work, elderly people and those who prefer to run some other business/venture sideby.

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