We Are Proud Of This 15 Years Old Boy Who Is Cyber Security Expert !

Nitesh Yadav

At the age of 13, what you were doing?

Well hanging around with friends, playing video-games, studying, bunking schools, sleeping involving in outdoor games, etc? Right?

I was also doing the same when I was 13-14 all I could think was playing, eating, and gossiping with friends. But wait this young energetic lad from Rajasthan (Alwar) what he is doing at age 13 is something that we would have never thought of.  From 9th class to 11 Alwar was invited by Nasscom, Google, programming hub and many other big IT industries.

So, what does this Alwar do and how different is he that he got invites from such BIG brands well read through the story.

He has raised bars and set a bench mark at a tender age!

Nitesh Yadav

Nitesh Yadav

The guys name is Nitesh Yadav he is from Kanharka which is a small village in Alwar district Rajasthan (India). Nitesh has completed 10th from Government school; I repeat Government senior secondary school in Kanharka. Currently he is in Dronacharya senior school, Bibrani in 11th class. Nitesh Yadav comes from a nuclear family; he stays with younger brother and parents. Nitesh’s father is a farmer and mother is a housewife and guess what his brother is a youtuber who studies in 10th class.

His story

Nitesh comes from a very small village and nobody in his village has smart phones. Nitesh one day when he was 13 was going through an article in newspaper about “Imran Khan”, a self-taught computer programmer who is also from Alwar Rajasthan. Imran has developed more than 50 educational apps and more than 100 websites. As Nitesh Yadav knew nothing about smart phone nor he has seen any so had no idea on application, websites and their creation. However, the article motivated him.

Nitesh Yadav

He got motivated

Nitesh Yadav after reading article wanted to buy a smart phone and see how apps and websites work and what they are. He then asked his dad to buy and that perhaps was the best things that could have ever happened to him. His life changed completely but for better.

Google guru

Though Nitesh bought a phone he had no clue how to make android applications. Obliviously he came from a remote area where people hardly knew about android applications. Coaching centers for android development costed a fortune. Nitesh could not afford so he thought to make Google his guru and lean. Nitesh says” Google Gurudev has taught me everything that I know about coding today”.

First app named “Mera Kanharka”

Nitesh developed his 1st application using a phone as he didn’t have access to laptop or desktop. He then uploaded his application on Google play store and guess what 21000 people downloaded. With the money he got through this he bought a laptop.

He developed app named “Mera Kanharka”, which has all important information like culture, history, population, etc he was appreciated and was given award by “Gram Panchayat”. Later he developed an app “Kissan Guru” which helps farmers to connect with digital India.

 Start up at age 15

He has developed software Development Company and named as Techsicon.

Helping society

Nitesh Yadav apart from technical stuff is also establishing NGO and also will launch applications for girls and women’s education, women and her importance, etc.

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