5 Smart Ways To Win Your EX Back!

Ways To Win EX Back

Ways To Win EX Back – Sometimes life isn’t fair, right?

In a relationship, sometimes you feel all-alone and then you need your time. That’s when you ask for some “distance” by giving your relationship a break. I’m pretty sure that many must’ve done this, even though this decision killed your partner’s heart completely. And then, when you’re done spending all-that alone time and you feel that it’s right time to get back together, some things, turn awkward. Yep, you start questioning yourself “How am I gonna talk to her/him to get back?”, or “What should I say now”. The realization is OK but the next step gets pretty hard.

There are questions that keep bothering you. You keep thinking, “Does she still have feelings for me”? etc etc. This phase of life is difficult, I agree. Now, if you’re in that boat where you want to get back together with your EX, this one is for you.

Use these matured ways to win EX back and make it last FOREVER.

  1. Send a text

Please don’t bombard her with A LOT of text messages, Okay? Drive it slow. Send a text “R u there”, and talk like “two friends are talking with each other”. Pay attention to the way the she responds and take note about everything. If she seems cool about everything, then carry on with the second step.

  1. Call her

Once you call her, talk casually. Forget the romantic talks you once had, and do it casually. This time, ask her to meet you. Go like “Hey, I was thinking if we can hang out together- For a movie or something like that”. If she’s interested, she will certainly say “Yes, you decide what time” etc etc. Decide it over the phone or to keep the conversation going, tell her we will discuss about it through text.

  1. Talk about it

You don’t need to talk about everything that happened. Just slowly, ask her about her life, what is she doing, how’s her job-life etc. When things seem light, tell her about your realization. Listen to how she responds and if anything comes up, please don’t mess things up. If she seems comfortable to get back, then there you go.

  1. Don’t repeat the same mistake

This time, give your 100%. Avoid talking about what took place and put more efforts into making her feel special all the time. Act like you were always together. Put on your romantic side and make her feel comfortable and let her make the move too.

  1. Propose her

Yep, you can certainly do this. Take her somewhere out, and surprise her with a ring or something that she loves. In short, do a small proposal. It’ll make her happy. 😉

Ways To Win EX Back – Frankly, if your EX acts like she’s over you, then don’t force up buddy. Let it go.

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