Female Nightclub Employees Speak Their Heart Out About Their Job Which Gets Dirty At Times!

Nightclub employees

Nightclub employees – If you are 18+, I am sure you might have been to a nightclub at least once.

Apart from boozing and partying ever noticed the employees at the club? The employees whose life seems to be a glittery affair at the first look, though.

But, remember all that glitters is not gold – said they. And so is the life of the employees that have been working in nightclubs for years together. To many, their life appears to be a posh or classy – but I don’t think so. Here are some nightclub employees speaking their heart out about their job that even gets dirty sometime.

Nightclub employees –

Know what it could all be.

  1. The guy customers that land into the nightclub I am working – keeping asking me for my phone number. As simply as they would ask for another peg. Not funny, though!                        Dear customers, we don’t provide phone numbers. For contact details of this club you can talk to the manager that is right there.
  1. Nightclub I work in give its customers free condoms and I wonder it would be free girls the next time. I feel I work in a dangerous environment                                                                                Hope I find better job sooner.
  1. Though this job in the nightclub is a comfortable one for me, I feel my boyfriend has trust issues.                                                                                                                                                                                  I understand, but I wish he understand that I am true in whatever I do.
  1. The other bar girl that work with me at the nightclub get so close to almost every customer and that too every day. Hmm, I can’t be like of them.                                                                             Sorry, I can’t act like them. 
  1. I hate wearing those skinny one piece outfits, while on duty at the nightclub. But my manager insists on doing so.
    Maybe he feels he can’t run his business without skin show.
  1. Sometimes the customers use all kinds of foul language in addressing us. Bad!                           Bad and self-pity we feel.
  1. The bouncers here are abusive and make every move that gets us sexually offended.
    Probably, they are not bouncers to a poor nightclub employee like me.
  1. The manager of this nightclub like sleek girls only. And he compels me to be one, that appeals the customers.
    Hmm, this is just not fair.
  1. I am at times insisted to drop the drunk customers back at their place. And during the midway – the drunken head touch me inappropriately.
    Arrgh! I hate myself for having to work here.
  1. I get home tired and pissed off and never ready to make some love with my husband. And just because of this, I feel we are losing the essence of the relationship.
    I don’t think I have another go.

These are some terrifying tales of those poor nightclub employees. Even with all the pain and difficulty they go through – they choose to sweetly smile at the customers in the nightclub. Now I get how difficult it is for them. Not simple and classy like it appears, for sure.

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