5 Management Lessons From Indian Politics To Help In Your Career!


Politics in India is a dirty occupation!

Well, for most of us, it is a family business and over past few decades, few outsiders have been able to make their mark in this profession and the only ones to have risen to the top are those whose families are into it for generations. Then, you might ask, what can we learn from it except nepotism and being corrupt?

Everything can teach you something and politics is no different. Indian politicians may be infamous for indulging in corrupt practices and being spineless creatures, but they can still give you a few Management Lessons that can really help you in your career.

Let me share the top 5 Management Lessons:

1) Try Everything

Indian politicians don’t leave any stone unturned in their quest for power and votes. No matter where they have to go, what skills they have to upgrade to or employ, only thing that matters to them is success! Now, their means may be debatable, but the idea to go that extra length for success is undeniably perfect!

2) Equality

Don’t cringe on this! Yes, they are known for favouritism and having biases towards their own near and dear ones, but this is also a place where if they feel the chances of success are diminished by the presence of their loved one, they will either withdraw that person or replace him/her immediately! The bottom line is results matter, performances matter, nothing else should be given priority! Whether those results are delivered by your friend or competitor at job or someone you don’t like working with, it should not come in your way of achieving success for your company!

3) Goal Oriented

Elections happen every 5 years in a normal course of flow and that is the only thought in these politicians mind right after winning one! Every action is keeping in mind the next election and nothing moves them from their goal-oriented approach. Similarly, you should also work according to fixed goals and objectives and everything should revolve around it only. The major differences being, like politicians, don’t employ unfair, wrong and sometime illegal means to reach your objectives!

4) Improvise

One thing that must be applauded about our political class is that they improvise, improve and keep changing on a regular basis. That change might be good or bad in public eye, but they are not fixed on an idea or way of life. Whatever helps them to achieve their goals, they work on it. In the same manner, you got to be flexible in your approach and be open about change! Adopt new strategies, discard old ones, and try new experiments as long as you have your eyes set on your goals.

5) Resources

Nothing is taboo for these guys. Money, power, contacts, relationships, acquaintances and whatever you might think of, is part of their arsenal to meet their objectives. Obviously a lot of their actions are illegal, corrupt and unethical and you don’t have to try them, but otherwise take help from anyone and everyone to meet your targets. Even a peon in your office is a valuable resource if utilised efficiently!

Take the good points of these politicians’ life and let it work in your career growth. Leaving aside the bad part is always in your hands and should not dictate your thought process of totally ignoring the political class. After all, most of them have achieved a stupendous amount of success, love and votes of the common man and they must have done something right to reach there, isn’t it?

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